‘Hightown’ episode 4 spoilers: Jackie’s search for Krista goes on

'Hightown' episode 4 spoilers: Jackie's search for Krista goes on

Hightown season 1 just aired its third episode on Sunday. And after the events that ensued, it seems like Jackie is getting closer to finding Krista. Will she finally find her in episode 4?

Hightown is Starz’s newest crime drama television series. It first aired on May 17 and is now moving forward to its fourth episode.

The series follows the story of a hard-partying lesbian named Jackie Quinones (Monica Raymund). She’s also a National Marine Fisheries Service agent who struggles with cocaine, alcohol, and same-sex affairs.

One day, she found a dead body in Cape Cod Bay. Following those events, she finds herself investigating and learning about the center of Cape’s horrendous heroin epidemic.

Episode 3 recap

Hightown season 1 episode 3 showed Jackie doing whatever she can to track down Krista, Renee (Riley Voelkel) reaching out to Detective Ray (James Badge Dale), and Junior (Shane Harper) doing Osito’s (Atkins Estimond) dirty work.

What’s most notable here is that it left off with Jackie getting a new lead on Krista’s (Crystal Lake Evans) whereabouts.

She found out that Krista is linked to an old Italian sugar daddy named Anthony Divaccario (Drew Powell).

Jackie tried to call him but he only hangs up upon hearing the name of Krista. She didn’t easily give up though and went to her ex-girlfriend to borrow a car.

Determined to find Krista, she drove her way to Divaccario Construction. The screen then panned to show Krista and Anthony in his car.

Episode 4 spoilers

With Jackie getting closer to finding Krista, episode 4 may show the former finally catching the latter.

According to reports, Jackie thinks that she right on track to Krista’s location. She has been firm with her belief that Krista was with Sherry (Masha King) on the day she was shot and died.

Jackie has a gut-feel that Krista will be able to give her some answers to the questions surrounding the murder case of Sherry.

However, she’s bound to have some difficulties along the way especially since she doesn’t have a lot of support.

She has been working outside her jurisdiction and the actual police on the case, Ray, is worried that she could be doing more damage than help.

Speaking of Ray, the detective finally got Renee’s attention. And the previous episode even closed with Renee inviting Ray to her house.

It’s all part of a hidden motive though as Renee has been instructed by Frankie (Amaury Nolasco) to get closer to Ray.

So, will Jackie finally find Krista? Is Ray going to totally fall into Renee and Frankie’s plans?

Fans will have to stay tuned to catch Hightown episode 4 on Sunday on Starz.

Featured image courtesy of Starz/YouTube screenshot

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