Hillary Clinton reacts to Joe Biden telling Donald Trump to ‘shut up’

Hillary Clinton reacts to Joe Biden telling Donald Trump to 'shut up'

Hillary Clinton responded to various tweets after netizens checked on her following Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s presidential debate.

Hillary Clinton also faced Donald Trump for a presidential debate in 2016 when she ran for president. This time, Trump faced Joe Biden. The latter was forced to tell the incumbent president to “shut up” because he keeps on interrupting him. That’s where the discussion on Twitter involving Clinton started.

Hillary Clinton reacted to Joe and Donald’s debate

Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced each other on Tuesday for the first presidential debate night. Over the 90 minutes discussion, the POTUS interrupts and crosstalks while Biden speaks. There was so little to no decorum that the moderator and Fox News host Chris Wallace decided to tell the president to stop cutting in.

“Will you shut up, man?!” a frustrated Biden also told Trump.

After the debate, the scene went viral on Twitter.

“‘Will you shut up, man’ is the line of the night,” journalist Jill Filipovic tweeted.
“I so feel for Hillary right now because I’m positive she wanted to say that and couldn’t,” she added in another tweet.

That’s when the former United States Secretary of State chimed in.

“You have no idea,” Clinton wrote.

Hillary’s response only shows that just like Biden, she also wanted to tell Trump to “shut up” during their presidential debate four years ago.

Apparently, the debate reminded everyone about Trump and Clinton’s debate in the last presidential election. Another apologized to Clinton for what she went through when she was up against Trump.

Clinton assured everyone that she’s doing fine. She also reminded everyone to vote in the upcoming election.

Clinton praised Biden

After the noise and commotion of the first presidential debate, Clinton took to Twitter and showed her support for Biden.

Clinton said she was proud of Biden and more confident that he is the leader that the nation needs at present. She also asked the others to donate or volunteer for Biden’s presidential campaign.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson endorsed Biden

Dwayne Johnson also supports Joe Biden and Kamala Harri’s candidacy. On Sunday, The Rock took to social media and shared a video of his conversation with the presidentiable and the current senator.

Johnson praised Biden’s incredible career, heart, drive, and soul. He also recognized Harris as a smart and tough attorney. The Black Adam actor is convinced that the pair is the “best choice to lead the country.”


Image used courtesy of NBC News/YouTube Screenshot

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