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Hillary Clinton struggling to walk, breathe after ballooning to 247 pounds: Rumor


Hillary Clinton is, allegedly, facing a major health crisis after she gained a whopping 100 pounds.

According to Globe, Hillary Clinton can barely breathe and walk after ballooning to 247 pounds.

A so-called medical expert warned the former first lady about the dangers of extreme weight gain.

“People with this much abdominal fat are at serious risk of heart disease, stroke, multiple cancers, and right now it makes her a prime target for COVID-19,” Dr. Stuart Fischer said.

Hillary Clinton had a bad fall several times

The physician also said that Clinton could be making her previous health problems worse with her sudden weight gain.

In 2012, she fell down a flight of stairs and another physician claimed that she suffered a concussion.

Clinton also, reportedly, collapsed in 2016 during her visit to the 9/11 memorial in New York City.

Two years later, Clinton, reportedly, fell at the Jahaz Mahal palace while promoting a book in India. And she once again fell in a hotel bathtub.

Hillary Clinton binge eating rumors

According to Fischer, Clinton’s history of collapses is worrying but it’s worse now because she tends to binge eat as well.

He said that if Clinton won’t start eating healthy, she could be at risk of losing her vision and her ability to walk.

“A blood clot in the brain permanently damages nerve tissue, possibly leaving her with impaired balance and vision. Falls present a grave danger of potential massive internal bleeding to someone on blood thinners,” he said.

The physician continued to speculate on Clinton’s health by saying that it’s possible she’s also suffering from a degenerative bone condition.

“These are the common results of osteoporosis. If she were to take another spill without someone around to catch her, not only would she be at risk of internal bleeding, but her bones may shatter. Hillary needs to radically change her lifestyle and reverse this radical weight gain, her health depends on it,” he said.

Rumors debunked

However, Clinton’s photos on Instagram do not support the tabloid’s claims. After all, it doesn’t seem as though she gained 100 pounds in recent months.

While it is possible that the ex-FLOTUS packed on some pounds, this isn’t unusual during the coronavirus pandemic.

During a previous interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Hillary Clinton also said that there were no lingering effects from her concussion and clot.

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