‘Hitman 3’ will return next year to conclude current trilogy


Agent 47 will make his big return as Hitman this coming January 2021. The assassination game came out in today’s Sony PlayStation 5 event.

According to the above presentation, Hitman 3 will be Agent 47’s “most intimate and professional contract in his entire career.” The upcoming game will also conclude the Hitman trilogy that started in 2016.

The new installment to the Hitman franchise will come on all platforms except the Switch. These platforms will include the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Players can take Hitman 2 progress to a new game

According to IO Interactive senior community manager Travis Barbour, the new Hitman will have all the classic elements that players love from the series. The near-infinite player choice and replayability on offer will still be the star of the game.

“As long-time Hitman fans will know, our games and locations are always built with unparalleled player choice and replayability in mind,” said Barbour on the Playstation Blog. “Hitman 3 is no different. In fact, our next game encourages players to explore and interact with the game world in new ways that will reward them in future playthroughs.”

“We want the game to be tactile and we want players to feel that their actions have an impact on what is going on around them and their future playthroughs.”

Barbour also noted that players could take their progress from Hitman 2 in the new game, which incentivizes replay of the old titles. He also noted that the entire trilogy is playable within Hitman 3. 

The game trailer details potential future for Agent 47

The third Hitman game promises to bring players around the world. Targets will be in exotic and luxurious locations, which gives players more ways to assassinate their target. Each locale, like the previous games, will have a world ready for creative exploitation.

The upcoming installment encourages players to explore and interact with the game world. Players are free to induce “accidents” and blending into the crowd until the master plan unveils itself.

What’s curious, however, is the different trailer released after IO Interactive’s presentation. The announcement trailer foretells a bad future for Agent 47.

“All your hard work, all your sacrifice, only sped up the process. And now you find yourself alone. Only death awaits,” says the trailer.

Players who want to find more about the upcoming Hitman 3 can find more on the game’s official website. The thrilling conclusion to the trilogy is set for release by January 2021 on all platforms.

Feature image courtesy of IO Interactive/Youtube Screenshots


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