‘Hitman 3’ will support PlayStation VR in 2021 launch

Hitman 3 will support PlayStation VR in 2021 launch

It is now confirmed that Hitman 3 will support VR upon its launch next year. Unfortunately for PC and Xbox One players, the game only supports PlayStation VR.

Sony and IO Interactive revealed the feature during the State of Play event last Thursday. The developers released the Hitman 3 VR gameplay trailer. It gave a glimpse of how the game looks like in VR.

The trailer has shown Agent 47 in his first-person perspective. The short clip ended with “you” killing the target inside the washroom. Despite the clip length, it has fully shown what players should expect with the upcoming game in terms of visual quality.

Import previous Hitman levels

Hitman 3 is also called as “World of Assassination Trilogy.” The name is very fitting considering the first Hitman and Hitman 2 levels are playable.

Sony has not disclosed the other mechanics of the game yet. But, it has confirmed that all missions from every Hitman game will be playable.

The VR implementation is just the confirmed detail though. However, VR gameplay might be a different game mode. The main game is probably only playable through the flat-screen mode.

Hitman 3 VR is not confirmed for PC

Unless the developers are going all out, an option to switch between VR and regular gameplay might not be available. This requires a lot of stuff to do in order to work smoothly.

The game is still far from release. There is a possibility that changes will still be implemented. The chance of a delayed-release is also plausible considering that the pandemic is still going on.

Hitman 3 is slated to arrive in January 2021. It brings all features from previous games with improved graphics. Plus the virtual reality feature makes it worth getting.

Images (1) (2) courtesy of Hitman 3

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