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‘Hitman’ titles heading to Stadia Pro, including ‘Hitman 3’


Google Stadia is about to offer the Hitman trilogy to its Stadia Pro users, including the upcoming and highly anticipated Hitman 3.

The news came on July 14, during the Stadia Connect virtual event. Google is promising to complete the trilogy with Hitman 3 coming to the cloud-based gaming platform, after its two title predecessors by January 2021.

Hitman 1 and 2 coming this September

The first two reboot titles of the stealth video game franchise are set to get ported to Google Stadia on September 1st.

Per GameRant, Google is giving Hitman 1 as a bonus to its Stadia Pro subscribers upon its arrival.

The first Hitman title of the World Assassination trilogy was released in 2016. Technically speaking, the 2016 title is its sixth installment, with the very first one releasing in the year 2000 with a title, Hitman: Codename 47.

Hitman 1 was an intended reboot for the franchise, that eventually paved the way for the World Assassination game series.

Of course, as many may know, film adaptations were made following the game’s release, with Hitman: Agent 47 being the latest one, released in 2015. The films’ storylines loosely based on its parent games.

This third-person stealth video game revolves around the protagonist, Agent 47—which player will take control of. 47 is a “genetically enhanced assassin” who sets out on international missions, to eliminate contracted targets.

Hitman 3 to finally complete the World Assassination trilogy

Meanwhile, the upcoming Hitman 3 is set to put a “dramatic conclusion” to the trilogy franchise. The stealth classic was first announced by Sony during the PlayStation 5 games reveal early in June.

The final chapter of the World Assassination trilogy is solely developed and published by IO Interactive, per Essentially Sports.

Late in June, community developer Clemens Koch and community manager Travis Barbour sat down to talk about Hitman 3 on a Twitch stream. They spoke about the core elements of gameplay, with the storyline going to be based in Dubai, and five other locations upon launch.

Players of the first two titles will be glad to know that they will be able to import all of their locations to the upcoming Hitman 3. With the release date that Stadia announced, it looks like Stadia Pro subscribers won’t be waiting a few months for the cloud-based port, as the release window is the same with the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Other big titles are coming to Stadia as well, such as NBA 2k21 and new timed and solely exclusive titles, such as Super Bomberman R Online and Outcasters.

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