‘Hocus Pocus’ sequel: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimi, Bette Midler negotiating return

The original stars of Hocus Pocus are reportedly in talks to star in the planned sequel. Disney is negotiating with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, and Bette Midler to reprise their roles as the Sanderson witch sisters.

Nearly three decades since the original movie’s release, Disney announced plans to bring back Hocus Pocus for its streaming platform, Disney+. The studio confirmed in March that Adam Shankman would direct the family movie, but it has yet to discuss the cast.

According to The DisInsider, the negotiations have started via Zoom calls with Parker, Najimy, and Midler. Plans are underway for production to start early 2021, but the studio has not set the film’s release date.

Sanderson sisters, the key to the film

The original writer for Hocus Pocus, Mick Garris, said that the movie worked the first time because of the Sanderson sisters. So, he believes that it’s crucial for the sequel to bring back Parker, Najimi, and Midler.

“Those actresses in those roles, those performances, that I think is the key to that movie’s long life,” Garris said in an interview with ComicBook. “I would love to see them return in it.”

Garris, however, is not involved in the upcoming project. Parker, on the other hand, said in May that it would be fun to revisit the film. Midler also expressed that she would like to “fly again.”

A cult favorite for Halloween

The family movie did not meet its box office expectations when it premiered in 1993. However, over the years, Hocus Pocus became a cult favorite, especially during Halloween. Originally directed by Kenny Ortega, the movie followed the story of the Salem witch sisters who were reborn during Halloween with the help of a teenage boy.

“I’ve met grownup people, like 40-year-olds, 50-year-olds – who say, ‘Oh I remember that! Hocus Pocus! I was brought up on that,” Midler revealed. The actress played Winnie Sanderson, the witch leader among the siblings. Parker was Sarah, the youngest and prettiest sister, while Najimy was Mary, the dim-witted sister.

The original movie also starred Thora Birch, Omri Katz, Vinessa Shaw, and Doug Jones. It’s still unclear if Disney asked these actors to return to the sequel.

The Hocus Pocus sequel will not be a reboot or a remake. It will bring a new story, set in the present day, with the Sanderson sisters if they agree with Disney.


Image courtesy of Movieclips Classic Trailers/YouTube Screenshot

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