‘Hogwarts Legacy’ gameplay leaked? What fans expect to see

'Hogwarts Legacy' gameplay leaked? What fans expect to see

The Harry Potter-themed open-world RPG game, Hogwarts, is getting so much attention lately since it was unveiled in Sony’s PS5 showcase this month.

Hogwarts Legacy sparked so much excitement to Potterheads and regular gamers alike. Its release is still in 2021. With that, many are already wondering what adventures it will offer.

The Harry Potter series did give the public a preview on the magical adventures in the Wizarding World. One didn’t have to be Potterhead to have known how magical Hogwarts is.

Hogwarts Legacy gameplay leaked?

As if it is the right passage in the gaming community, highly anticipated games usually end up having a leaked gameplay situation at some point in time. Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters—now called Immortal Fenyx Risingwas a recent victim of this prior to the official unveiling.

On YouTube, there’s a recent video of an alleged gameplay leak from Hogwarts Legacy. The quality isn’t that great too.

Nonetheless, viewers would see how players can customize their avatars. The male avatar does look a lot like Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

There’s also a preview of students turning animals into things and vice versa. We also see potion-making and even the garden where it could likely be the home to the magical ingredients.

The alleged leak also gives a preview of students encountering wild creatures from the forest. While some might be the wizards’ friends, other creatures will likely be an enemy sought to be defeated.

It is also worth noting the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account mysterious response to a fan’s request for a gameplay preview. The tweet reads: “Who said we haven’t shown it already?”

Could the leak be coming from the devs themselves? The answer to that, however, remains a mystery. Other replies on that tweet thread from fans gave screen-capped images from the said leak.

Although the tweet may be referring to the trailer release during the PS5 showcase.

What fans expect to see

As mentioned earlier, the Harry Potter series, may it be the books or the movies, has given the fans a big library of gaming possibilities.

One of the famous request is the game of Quidditch. Should a Quidditch gameplay be made available, fans are hoping to see an eSport event of it as well.

Also, if there will be a Triwizard Tournament.

However, the Wizarding World’s history entails that the Triwizard Tournament was only revived in 1994. The last tournament before that was in 1792.

The tournament had to be discontinued because of the high death toll. With the game setting in the late 1800s, a Triwizard Tournament might not be possible. Unless Avalanche and Portkey Games figures a way around it.

Meanwhile, others would like to know if the game will cover a character’s storyline after graduating from Hogwarts—the game including landing a wizarding job.

With too many expectations being aired out, there are heated arguments happening in forum websites. Fans should not expect game devs to cover every Wizarding adventure there is.


Featured image courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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