Honor X10: Unique pop-up camera structure revealed

Honor X10’s unique pop-up camera structure revealed

The Honor X10 is shaping up to be Honor’s best entry yet in terms of camera capabilities.

We are less than a week away from the confirmed launch date of the Honor X10. Like clockwork, HUAWEI’s sub-brand is teasing the mobile world and onlookers non-stop with the phone’s key features.

The latest to have emerged is centering on the phone’s camera features.

A stronger pop-up camera

A few days before its announcement, the Honor X10’s pop-up camera was revealed online. The motorized mechanism is like no other though as it features a more distinctive design and functionality.

The newest development, which made rounds on Weibo, came with a few images. In them, the internal layout and schematics of the phone’s pop-up camera mechanism were outed.

Accordingly, the motorized camera module will showcase a dual-rail mechanism. In comparison, current iterations with this type of mechanism only pack a single rail design and motor, which raise or lower the module.

On paper, the dual-rail mechanism in the Honor X10’s pop-up camera should offer a more robust structure to the system. Consequently, this should indicate that the device’s pop-up camera could be engineered a bit pricier than the more conventional ones.

As it is, this could potentially drive the Honor X10’s retail price when it finally launches. But for such a price, this kind of system should also place lesser stress on the middle section of the lifting track and the mechanism itself. Down the line, this should also lower the chance of deviation with use over time.

Honor X10: Night mode abilities revealed

Prior to the leak on the phone’s distinctive pop-up camera, the Honor X10’s low-light camera capabilities were also showcased.

The images, which were shot across Mount Everest, shared captures that were well-detailed, especially in the snowy section of the images.

Overall, the images shot looked natural, with the real brightness of the pictures was also noted accordingly.

All images considered, the phone’s purported 40MP IMX600Y module did particularly well to capture the actual scene. The Honor X10 is also equipped with an RYYB filter, which enables its camera system to be more sensitive to light. Note that this is also the same primary camera that is found on the HUAWEI P30 Pro.

Availability and other key features

The Honor X10, which is confirmed to launch on May 20, is slated to arrive with some headline-grabbing features. These include the Kirin 820 chipset, 5G connectivity, 6.63-inch LCD screen with FHD+ resolution, 4,300mAh battery with 22.5 fast wired charging, and side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Image used courtesy of TechSole Blog/YouTube Screenshot

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