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HORI Switch Split Pad Pro is getting new color variants


In addition to the black-and-red color scheme under the Daemon X Machine theme, the HORI Switch Split Pad Pro is getting new color variants on September 7, 2020.

The announcement came from HORI USA’s tweet showcasing three additional colors for the Split Pad Pro.

Three New Colors

Making a trifecta, the Switch Split Pad Pro sees the addition of the Transparent Black, Midnight Blue, and Volcanic Red renditions. Which, true to their names, are displayed in most concentrated colors of black, blue, and red, respectively.

Similar to the original model, these ergonomic controllers will come at a reasonable price tag of $49.99. A cost that many would be willing to pay for a truly definitive handheld experience.

Operational Design

While the hue may be a selling factor, the Switch accessories themselves are so much more than just aesthetics.

Functionality-wise, each controller is capable of configuration that lets users tinker with the way the gamepad responds via button remapping. The two extra buttons at the back of the controller also makes for a great addition and are also programmable.

Furthermore, will be owners of the Split Pad Pro would also thank its maker for coming up with the turbo functionality. Which, while controversial, spares the users from the hassle of button mashing in favor of holding a button to get a similar effect. This means having a certain gaming advantage while simultaneously conserving the controller’s status that’s otherwise hampered by constant and intensive use.

Although definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, the Split Pad Pro is often praised for its quality feel. Most of which even comparing it to the Joy-Con with substantial preference.

Considered as one of the best of its kind for the Switch, the Split Pad Pro’s chief advantage is its ability to fortify. Unlike with Joy-Cons that makes the handheld experience feel wobbly, the HORI controller makes everything feel compact. Essentially, giving users the perception of a robust handheld.

Not a Joy-Con Replacement

Although seemingly perfect, the HORI Split Pad Pro is anything but. To those who are thinking of replacing their analog drifting-prone Joy-Con with this controller should hold off the thought.

The Split Pad Pro simply could not and cannot supplant the Joy-Con, considering its intended design. This only means that, while the Split Pad Pro works great when docked on the Switch, it’s useless any other way.

The HORI Split Pad Pro’s main selling point is truly its ability to provide a superior gaming experience than the Joy-Con. In a manner of its intended usage, that is.

Image used courtesy of HORI

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