‘Horizon Forbidden West’ fans upset over Aloy’s face!

Seems like some fans are not happy with the upcoming sequel Horizon Forbidden West. Because they think Aloy is not female enough!

Yes, that’s according to a section of people on social media who are upset over Aloy’s face. She was trending on Monday, on Twitter, following Horizon Forbidden West’s gameplay reveal last week.

‘Horizon Forbidden West’: Fans not liking Aloy’s makeover

Protagonist Aloy started trending on social media after some users began trolling her changed look during the State of Play event.

While posting their rants on Twitter, some fans wrote that Aloy’s face looks “masculine as hell”. Because, according to them, they think that the female character should have more curves, also that she should possess a feminine appearance.

However, the response these fans received is quite interesting to note.

One of the most appropriate replies indicated that the protagonist is too busy looking after her make-up and face. Since she mostly remains engaged in dangerous battles with deadly enemies or robotic creatures.

Well, it’s not the first time, in the gaming arena, that a character’s face modification is receiving such a response. Due to some unknown reasons the community always comes up with a negative response whenever a famous character’s appearance changes.

Last year, Peter Parker’s overhaul in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, faced a considerable backlash.

All in all, game lovers are never satisfied with how their favorite characters look like. But they must understand that the developers have their reasons while designing their appearances, as per the title’s plot.

The same case is with Horizon Forbidden West as well. When the first part arrived four years ago, no one complained much. But now, everything has changed due to the sequel’s reveal and the return of its female protagonist, Aloy.

However, as per gaming analysts, she looks great and very much similar to herself in Zero Dawn. Especially considering the fact, there’s a gap of six months between the story of the original and the sequel.

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When to expect the second installment?

Meanwhile, most fans who are in love with the Horizon franchise are waiting curiously for part two.

During the State of Play online event, developer Guerilla didn’t reveal any date, which means that they might come up with one later this year because the team mentioned that more game-related news would make its way very soon!

Horizon Forbidden West will release exclusively for PS4 and PS5 consoles.


Image courtesy of theRadBrad/YouTube

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