‘Horizon Forbidden West’ gameplay is delayed for the next year now

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay is delayed till the next year, as shared by developers!

Horizon Forbidden West has been on the speaker for a long time right now as the developers have said that they will delay the release of the game. It was the first game that was going to bring the female protagonist but right now, the developers have said that the game is waiting for a new launch for PlayStation 4 and Ps5 for the 18th of February, 2022.

The delay is made for many things, especially because the game needs to be outstanding to be in the market. Developer Guerilla Games has confirmed that its release will be on the radar for a lot of facts, especially that the game will be a major drop for the next year.

What did the trailers suggest for the new game?

As the trailers have suggested, many things will be added to the game yet and have not yet started. The delay is happening for a lot of things. Earlier it was expected to be released in 2021.

Last day during the Gamescom Opening Night Live Broadcast, Guerilla Games said that they would need more time to drop the game because there are many fixes pointed out during the trailer.

Some necessary improvements are seen in the facial construction and movements of the characters.

When is the final game going to be released?

The final result is still a long way to go, and thus the developers need some more time to understand and then incorporate the changes. During the Gamescom many other releases took place too.

Outlast Trials and other games such as Abandoned were also released during this time as players were awaiting. In other Horizon news, the PS5 version of the Zero Dawn version has been under the works, and the patch mode for 60fps more has been fixed too.

This patch is just going to go live and should be available to download now as well.

Other news in line, some of the new releases are also at work because developers are working 24/7 for the games to be out for players. 2021 is going to be a huge turnaround for the gaming community as Resident Evil was already released, and the game did pretty well in the first half.


Image courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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