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‘Horizon Forbidden West’ gets new machine called Bristleback


Guerilla Games sheds some light on Bristleback. It is a new and colossal machine Aloy is going to face in Horizon Forbidden West.

A few days ago, Guerilla Games posted about a new machine called the Shellsnapper. Now, they are releasing more information about another new Horizon Forbidden West machine – Bristleback.

As the name of the tweet implies, the “Meet the Machines” will provide a summary of the new machines coming to Horizon Forbidden West.

Introducing Bristleback

According to the developers, Bristlebacks are herd-based machines, which means they usually roam around in groups. However, unlike other machines that roam around in packs, a Bristleback is not fearful.

They will not hesitate to attack any aggressor on sight or anything they believe is a threat to the herd. They precisely use their tusks when attacking enemies.


In the real world, the closest animal the Bristleback resembles is the giant forest hog. Similar to this animal, Bristbacks are big, attack and defend with their tusks and move in packs.

While giant forest hogs are not domesticated, they can be tamed easily. This trait is also reflected in the game through the Bristlebacks.

In the Horizon Forbidden West reveal trailer, Sylens observes a group of hunters use techniques to bring together a pack of Bristlebacks under their control.

Looking deeper into the scene, it seems Sylens has found a way to utilize Hades to imitate Aloy’s ability to control machines.

Aside from this, the Bristleback also shares a few similarities to Horizon Zero Dawn’s Trampler, which seem to look a lot like buffalos. Tramplers run around in groups too and when they sense danger, they work together to crush their enemies.

The next machine

Despite confirming that the tweets will be an ongoing series, the developers haven’t revealed any details when the next machine will be introduced.

However, there is a great chance that Guerilla Games will release a tweet every Monday and Thursday. This is because the first Meet the Machines tweet came out last week Thursday while the most recent was today, on a Monday.

Like the last time, the developers didn’t mention what their next featured machine is to make the tweets more of a surprise.

However, both of the machines that have been posted have been in the Horizon Forbidden West trailer. Logically,  the next one would likely be in the video too.

Featured image courtesy of GamesRadar/YouTube Screenshot

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