‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ introduces new Shellsnapper machine

Guerilla Games reveals the Shellsnapper for Horizon: Forbidden West. The developers are making sure that the game will be an unforgettable adventure

Guerilla Games have posted new machines set to make their debut in Horizon: Forbidden West. One of these machines is called the Shellsnapper.

Since the game’s announcement during the PlayStation 5 reveal event, players have been hyped over the sequel. The trailer featured a mysterious story, jaw-dropping visuals, and new machines fighting against Aloy.

However, during the announcement trailer, none of the upcoming machines revealed had any details about them. Gamers only had seen a glimpse of the new machines during the reveal event and in a few other promotions, until now.

Introducing the Shellsnapper

Guerilla Games depicted the Shellsnapper as an amphibious monster. It looks for an area it can drill into then lies hibernates in it for weeks.

As it sleeps, its impenetrable outer skin collects nearby vegetation which allows it to blend with the environment. The mutated vegetation makes the Shellsnapper look like the mythical Aspidochelone.

A Greek reference

The Aspidochelone is a colossal sea turtle in ancient Greek mythology that is frequently mistaken as an island by unwary fishermen. Whenever these poor souls get on top of the turtle, the monster would dive into the deep ocean, drowning them.

The Shellsnapper may utilize the same method with Aloy, lure her, and others with its excellent camouflage before attacking.

More water

The addition of the Shellsnapper provides the Horizon universe a new water monster. Before its reveal, only one water-based, crocodile-inspired monster existed – the Snapmaw.

The developers seem like they’re planning to add water activities into Horizon: Forbidden West. Players can probably expect swimming and missions that involve diving into the sea.

Next featured monster

Since Guerilla Games captioned the tweet as “Meet the Machines”, it’s probable that it will be a series of tweets introducing more monsters. The developer hasn’t confirmed or announced anything yet.

However, if they are willing to talk about one new monster, they have no reason why they wouldn’t do so with the others. The huge question now is how frequent will they announce a new monster considering that players will be waiting for at least six months until Horizon: Forbidden Wests release.

Maybe the pterodactyl-like machines will be the next featured monster since they have been eye-catching in the advertisements. They have also been featured in one of the most recent art promotions for Horizon: Forbidden West.

Featured image courtesy of Android Central/YouTube Screenshot

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