‘Horizon Forbidden West’ is headed for PlayStation 4 as a cross-gen title

Horizon Forbidden West trailer snapshot

The highly-anticipated sequel to one of PlayStation’s timed exclusive title, Horizon Forbidden West, is seeing not only a next-generation console release, but a current-gen launch as well.

It’s a surprising move that could potentially see PS4 owners sticking to their console for longer than make an upgrade. A case that could otherwise force diehard PlayStation fans jumping the bandwagon to enjoy advanced gaming experience on new hardware.

A Different Experience

But choosing to play Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 instead of PS5 does come with a trade-off. The exchange being missing out on cutting edge features such as little to inexistent loading times, better visual fidelity, etc. Elements that even the PS4 Pro simply could not match, due to dated capability, even in 4K resolution.

Consumers who would choose to buy the digital version, however, are entitled to a free upgrade once the PS5 becomes their new platform. This is a highlight on missing out on a physical copy in order to enjoy the same game on PS5 in the future.

Other Cross-Gen Titles

It is not just Guerilla Games’ upcoming title that is seeing cross-platform release. Other titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure were surprisingly doing the same as well. The former being more of a surprise than the latter. Considering its high acclaim and potential pull to the PS5 as an exclusive title.

Morales becoming a cross-gen title could be perceived as a wasted opportunity to draw massive attraction to the PS5 at launch. Which, following the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, could’ve been the console’s biggest exclusive title.

Backwards Compatibility

These exclusive titles may fail to fulfill their role in attracting more early adopters of the console as anticipated. Nevertheless, it seems that PS5 has another ace in its card.

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, SIE President and CEO, Jim Ryan, claims that the PlayStation 5 is “99 percent” backwards compatible with PlayStation 4’s library of games.

The revelation coincides with the idea that Sony is also launching the PlayStation Plus Collection. A PS+ subscription that sees active users having access to many of PlayStation 4’s blockbuster titles. The list of games includes PlayStation exclusive titles like Days Gone, God of War, The Last Guardian, etc.

Horizon Forbidden West is a follow-up to Guerilla Games’ 2017 title, Horizon Zero Dawn, and will see release sometime in 2021.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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