‘Horizon Forbidden West’ not a PS5 launch title, 2021 release being targetted

One of the more exciting PlayStation 5 games announced during The Future of Gaming live stream was Horizon Forbidden West. The sequel to the PlayStation 4 hit was expected to be a launch title for the next console, but it seems like fans may have to wait a while.

In a recent video, game director Mathijs de Jonge notes that the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn will not launch along with the PS5, which will arrive this holiday. However, he does confirm that Horizon Forbidden West is eyed to launch in 2021.

This may disappoint some fans who have been longing to get their hands on the much-awaited sequel, but it seems like Aloy’s adventures are still a bit far off. The good news is that while de Jonge had not-so pleasing details to share, he also had some new announcements regarding the upcoming title.

What to expect

Guerrilla Games is planning to maximize the capacity of the PS5 and its SSD through the sequel. Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the most beautiful games on the PS4, so it should not be surprising that the developers are going to once again push the console to new limits.

Regarding the game’s new features, de Jonge teases that the map will be bigger than what was available in the first game. Aside from that, he also teases that there will be new machines to fight and tame in Horizon Forbidden West.

Regarding the game’s title, de Jonge notes that the title represents the new horizons that Aloy will explore. There, she will meet new tribes who themselves have learned to tame machines much as she has. This might add a whole new level of combat that players will surely enjoy.

Seamless playing experience

Since the PS5 will pack a powerful SSD, de Jonge says that they are eyeing to lessen the amount of loading to be virtually nothing. The developers want players to experience a seamless playtime by making sure that the game boots up and loads as fast as possible. With the new capacity of the PS4, that may be possible, and it is exciting to see the developers pull off what many have tried before.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently one of the most hyped-up titles for the PS5. It’s mostly because of the success of the prequel. Guerrilla Games has a huge bar to surpass, and hopefully, it manages to release an amazing title.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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