‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ update: What gamers need to know

horizon forbidden west

Horizon: Forbidden West is the most-awaited sequel to Zero Dawn.

One of the biggest games revealed during the PlayStation 5 live event was Horizon: Forbidden West. Developed under the expertise of Guerilla Games, the future PlayStation 5 game is going to feature a new approach to what the original had to offer.

The sequel will mark the return of Aloy as she heads into the expansive lands of the former western United States. There, she will face new machines and threats inside the massive world of Horizon: Forbidden West.

Release Date

Despite being one of the biggest games announced in the PlayStation 5 reveal event, the game didn’t have a release date. However, in one of the videos released by its developers, the team reveals that they are looking for a 2021 release date.

Meanwhile, fans should keep their hopes up since the date remains unconfirmed by the developers. It appears that there’s still a lot of work to be done and unforeseen challenges could push the release back to 2022.

This is especially true if the Guerilla Games team will continue working from home due to the global pandemic.


Similar to Horizon: Zero Dawn, the sequel will take place inside a post-apocalyptic world where the survivors have grouped to form different tribes. For now, it is still unclear why Aloy decides to go to the West. However, the reveal trailer showed that they are in some kind of danger.

For one, a weird-looking red blight is infecting the West’s wildlife and superstorms are ravaging the lands. The trailer quickly gave a glimpse at an old Golden Gate Bridge which means Aloy will be visiting San Francisco in the game.


Horizon: Forbidden West’s reveal trailer was purely cinematic. However, fans can assume that its gameplay style will be pretty much similar to its predecessor. The gameplay is still expected to feature an open-world RPG which will showcase Aloy’s expertise in combat, traps, evasion, and stealth.

Horizon: Zero Dawn featured weapon crafting and skill tree advancements to improve Aloy’s skills. These will apparently still be present in the sequel, but no official announcements were given by the gaming company, so everything should be taken with a grain of salt in mind.

Is the sequel coming to the PlayStation 4/PC?

Horizon: Forbidden West is being exclusively developed for the PlayStation 5. A release in the PlayStation 4 will clearly hold back its next-gen features. This is one of the reasons why the developers chose to target the newer hardware.

On the other hand, the developers haven’t made a statement if the game will release on the PC. However, fans mustn’t rule out the possibility that Horizon: Forbidden West will be released on the PC sometime after it is released on the PlayStation 5.

Featured image courtesy of GameCross/YouTube Screenshot

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