‘Horizon’ sequel’s gameplay stream had record viewership

It’s no exception that the first-ever, exclusive gameplay reveals from Horizon Forbidden West has received lots of praise since its premiere.

New reports have revealed that apart from impressing the fans, the Horizon sequel’s State of Play stream also made a new record.

‘Horizon Forbidden West’ gameplay is the most-watched State of Play video!

Before the Horizon sequel’s footage, only two other State of Play streams did better regarding viewership numbers. And they were both PS5 exclusives, which is obvious to expect.

The first-ever reveal teaser for Horizon Forbidden West was shown last year. Since then, the die-hard franchise lovers were waiting for extended footage.

When the State of Play stream happened last week, millions of viewers hopped on to it. They wanted to see the return of Aloy, the now-iconic female protagonist of the futuristic, open-world series.

The gameplay footage has amassed more than five million views already under PlayStation’s YouTube channel as of this writing.

Talking about the highly awaited sequel, then its release date is still unknown. The live stream didn’t provide any clue regarding that.

However, developers at Guerilla mentioned that more news would make its way soon. It implies that fans can expect further surprises in coming months later this year.

Horizon Forbidden West will take place six months after the events of its predecessor, Zero Dawn.

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New video games coming soon

Meanwhile, gaming enthusiasts are currently also waiting for many other fresh releases as well in 2021.

Similar to 2020, this calendar is also packed with a lot of heavyweights.

Speaking of heavyweights, then some of the most-anticipated potential blockbusters are Halo Infinite and STALKER 2.

Dying Light 2, Deathloop, a new Call of Duty installment, Psychonauts 2, and GhostWire: Tokyo is also on the list.

But that’s not it!

The vast line-up extends further with the likes of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Stray, Humankind, and New World.

Little Devil Inside, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Far Cry 6, Back 4 Blood, and God of War: Ragnarok are other crucial launches.

Several recently announced projects making a debut soon are The Day Before, Glitchpunk, and Etched Memories. The latter will be an interesting title to watch out for because it will feature a Cat as its main protagonist, named Biscuit.

Again, coming back to Horizon Forbidden West is currently scheduled to launch exclusively for PS5 and PS4.

What do you think about all the major games arriving later this year? Are you excited about them?

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Image courtesy of GameSpot/YouTube

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