HORIZON STATE SHOCK: Why I left my blockchain baby

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Shockwaves have been sent through the Australian cryptocurrency community after the shock departure of Jamie Skella from promising blockchain project Horizon State.

On a day when the overall cryptocurrency market was in the green, the price of Horizon State’s “Decision Token” fell by more than ten per cent on the back of the sudden news.

Mr Skella, a prominent and respected blockchain pioneer, announced his reasons for the decision on Twitter.

“With Horizon State on a path broader than my original vision, the foundations for product development solidifying, and the birth of my first child, I’ve decided now is the time to focus on family,” Mr Skella said on Twitter.

In a post on Medium, Mr Skella went on to assure Horizon State followers that the platform has a strong future.

“We’ve inspired half a dozen new companies to enter this space … and attracted the attention of some of the most innovative government and politicians currently in power,” he said.

“I’m incredibly proud of the impact we’ve already had, even considering there’s so much product work still ahead of us.

“We’ve started critically important conversations in places that need to have them … and we’ve created remarkable new levels of awareness and interest in both democracy and Blockchain technology.

“Make no mistake, the waves we’ve created will quite literally change the world. Not overnight, but they will inevitably meet the shoreline, with glorious effect — thanks to all of us.”

Where to now?

The CEO of Horizon State, Oren Alazraki, said that without Mr Skella, the company’s brand will never be the same.

“Jamie Skella’s personality, essence, style and gravitas are deeply ingrained in this business of ours, which he has had a major role in building with his own two hands,” Mr Alazraki said.

“We know his decision was not taken lightly, a decision that certainly took time for him to reflect on, and one that we deeply understand.

“I would like to personally thank Jamie; for all the hard effort, the time away from the family, the brilliant design, the passion and spark in his eyes when he carried the Horizon State flag.”

New Horizons

Key Horizon State executives Nimo Naamani and Jason Fleurantat say the future of the company remains “promising.”

“We’re already well on our way to having our technology in use in real-world scenarios,” they said.

“In addition, we’re expanding our outreach in the hopes of bringing in more prospective customers as well as users.

“Horizon State’s focus over the next year is to become a leader in the blockchain community in relation to our key functions; community engagement, decision making, and voting. This would be done best by telling our story online and offline, as well as engaging with the greater blockchain communities throughout the world.

“We look forward to what the future has in store and to the promising prospects ahead of us.

“The team here at Horizon State is committed to fulfilling the vision Jamie helped start.”

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