‘Horizon Zero Dawn 2’ leaks and rumors—things we know so far

'Horizon Zero Dawn 2' Image taken from the original game

The rumors about Horizon Zero Dawn 2, a sequel to one of PlayStation 4’s exclusive titles, has been a long ongoing topic. Since as early as 2017, the internet is buzzed with speculation suggesting the hit title’s successor.

Years later, today, we are already getting some juicy information that make the hearsay more than just empty claims but a rather substantial reality.

Not all successful new IPs necessarily generate follow-ups, one of the telling reason HZD2 is likely is due to its achievement. Lauded as one of the best games made at the time, the original saw massive success despite being a PlayStation-exclusive. A feat it could have attained so much more if spread across multiple platforms.

Another probable reason that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is coming is due to the impending release of the PlayStation 5. Being a Sony console-exclusive title, it’s hard not to tie in first-party titles such as it with the console.

Actual Proof

While the aforementioned are merely deductions at best, there are other compelling reasons why HZD2 is indeed a thing than just a dream. Looking back, Guerilla Studios reportedly made 60 posts for job opportunities, involving 3D renderers, AI programmers, and senior-level writers.

Although not something to surprise about, that many people are enough for a team of game developers all on its own. Essentially a large company, it also hardly comes as a surprise.

If that was not enough, another job post came later where the company appears recruiting a ‘technical vegetation artist.’ Knowing the original game, the environmental design was one of the game’s major highlights at the creativity standpoint.

More recently, Guerilla Studios also seems to be in high demand for a ‘lead artist’ as well. One who will take the helm of animating mechanical beasts. The primary requirement being that the applicant is versed in designing animals.

There is no telling yet whether the volume of such workforce will incorporate the studio’s already established roster. Or whether or not they are meant to supplant those who may have left.

Higher Anticipations

Regardless, it only shows the level of treatment expected of Guerilla Games for Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Being a sequel to a great game, the expectations are indeed higher which drives Guerilla Games to level their play.

As of writing, there is not yet any info on whether the game in development will release simultaneously with the PS5.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/PlayStation

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