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‘Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition’ free for a limited period starting today


Following Sony’s Play at Home campaign, the PlayStation Store is offering another game for players to enjoy for free—Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition.

Starting today, April 19 (or April 20), PlayStation users can head to the PS Store and add the game to their library. Once added, the game can then be downloaded on either the PS4 or PS5 where it can be played comprehensively. The Complete Edition includes the base game and all the downloadable contents, including an expansion. The promo is only valid until May 14, 2021 (or May 15, depending on the region).

Being a former PS4 exclusive title, PlayStation 4 owners can immerse themselves with the game in its original offering. Featuring top-notch graphics and overall presentation that push the PS4 hardware to its near limits. However, PS4 Pro owners get a superior experience, thanks to the hardware’s better horsepower capability and 4K support.

Similar Encounter

PlayStation 5 owners undeniably have the advantage of a new and greater hardware overall. But presentation quality between it and the PS4 version remains negligible. Hardly showing any difference on a side-to-side comparison on a similar display. But things could be different should HZD:CE gets a native current-gen upgrade. Which could mean a difference in performance and visual fidelity.

HZD features Aloy as the protagonist who must survive a world replete with wild mechanical creatures, hell-bent in eradicating human existence. With survival and mystery as its overarching theme, players can expect to spend tens and tens of hours in the game. Further time of which will be spent in the game’s additional map within the Frozen Wild DLC. Adding new difficult mechs into the roster. Other additions to be found in the DLC are new and better equipment to help Aloy better survive the harsher freezing environment.

Anime Experience Offering

Meanwhile, Sony’s campaign to keep people indoors during a pandemic doesn’t just end with offering free games. Which, as of counting, is already around 10 games, including Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. In partnership with Aniplex, the company is also offering an extended trial of Funimation/Wakanim, where consumers can experience high-quality anime.

The prolonged trial will extend beyond April 22, giving new users a further three months of anime-centric entertainment experience. Wakanim users, a labeling variant of Funimation in certain regions, meanwhile, gets a 90-day trial. Subscribers who are not as keen in becoming paid subscribers could choose to cancel their trial subscription before validity expires.

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