‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ gets PC game trailer this week plus release date

'Horizon Zero Dawn' gets a PC trailer this week plus a release date

The visuals for Horizon Zero Dawn PC version are simply breathtaking and Aloy fans can already avail when it releases on August 7.

Guerrilla Games has surprised fans once again. After months of waiting, it has been confirmed that PC gamers can finally get their hands on this PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Horizon Zero Dawn is already available for pre-order on Steam and on the Epic Store making this Sony’s first-ever PC adaptation of their award-winning game.

As per IMDb, the game scored a total of 26 nominations and 14 wins, including Best Original Property at the BAFTA Awards last 2018 as well as Best Core Entertainment Game and Audience Choice in the 2017 Dutch Game Awards.

Recently, the Crysis Remastered scheduled release for this month has been postponed due to the backlash that the game received from the leaked trailer. So gamers could shift their attention to this game for the meantime while they wait for another official announcement.

Highly customizable graphic settings for the quality gamer

It looks like Guerilla Games have delivered their promise of setting standards when it comes to graphics quality for Horizon Zero Dawn.

In the game trailer, we see that players can control whatever graphic settings they want especially for those who want to make the most out of their PC build.

The tweaks include a Frames Per Second (FPS) Limit option of up to 120. More graphical improvements include reflections, dynamic foliage, not to mention the game’s ability to support 4K resolution if the player’s PC build can handle it.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' gets a PC trailer this week plus a release date

The complete edition also comes with a benchmarking tool for players to check if the settings they placed for the game could truly support their machines.

Gamers will receive the complete edition for the best experience

Sony has been generous to the PC gamers as they will be able to avail of the game with all its previously released DLCs, including The Frozen Wilds expansion that takes Aloy to a whole new area of the open world.

With the PlayStation 5 just around the corner, gamers can wait it out by playing this Sony title first before the console hits the stores. After all, there are also rumors of an incoming sequel for Horizon Zero Dawn so PC gamers have time to catch up should they think about getting a Sony console.

A US$19.99 [AU$28.80] price tag is already a steal for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. For a former Sony exclusive and a AAA title brought to life for the PC, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Featured image courtesy of Guerilla Games/YouTube Screenshot

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