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‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ has many technical issues, sources claim


Guerilla Games has finally ported Horizon Zero Dawn to PC via Steam after some timed-exclusivity on the PlayStation 4. But despite looking and playing stunning as ever, the port seems to be having technical issues, prompting players to bring the concern to the developer’s attention.

The technical problems are wide and varied, ranging from random crashes, visual or audio glitches, or poor framerate. This means that if you are not experiencing the game suddenly closing down, you are likely seeing hiccups with the game’s presentation. Alternatively, even a combination of any, if you are not so lucky.

Technical Setbacks

While some of these complaints can be overlooked, some are just too serious not to notice. A game crashing on you mid-game is one of the major offenses in gaming out there. While poor performance, on the other hand, is a thing of the past due to today’s more than capable hardware. At least, not for a game that comes from a platform less capable than the beefiest of PCs and runs buttery smooth in it.

It is not just some random users who are claiming the issues. Rather also are multiple publications that are at the forefront of checking out the game before anyone else does. Which, funnily enough, corroborate to one another when exchanging notes.

However, the notion of being able to play the game in true 4K fashion and ultra-widescreen support does make it appealing. This is not to mention its major graphical improvements to be seen in the game, drawing from the PC’s more advanced hardware.

Guerilla Games is Listening

Despite the hype that propelled the game to top Steam’s sales chart, the issue presented can be a major deal-breaker—not waiting for the bad to go to worst. However, the developers are active in listening to the complaints.

In a statement directed at the players, Guerilla Games inform the public at how aware they are about the concerns the game is having—citing that they are active at monitoring their channels towards investigating the matters at hand.

In that note, Guerilla Games is encouraging everybody in the community to participate in resolving Horizon Zero Dawn’s technical drawbacks. Essentially, asking everyone to reach out to them either via Reddit, Steam or directly through their website.

Although still in the process of addressing the game’s many and diverse issues, the developers are thanking everyone for their patience. That and the company is promising to keep everybody up-to-speed with how the problems are being resolved.

Image used courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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