‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ on PC gets 1.01 patch this weekend

Horizon Zero Dawn on PC recently received its first patch to fix several issues. Even then, the patch isn’t enough to cover the problems that plague its player base.

While Horizon Zero Dawn on PC was among the most anticipated, it was an immediate letdown. The game is full of bugs, and it’s an unoptimized mess. With a new patch out, Guerrilla Games hopes many will have some reprieve.

Zero Dawn gets 1.01 patch

Zero Dawn is one of the best games out there, and the PC port is a solid title. You’ll only get a good experience, however, if you get it to run properly. A slew of technical issues plagued the game, and it’s a persistent pain since launch.


Players experience performance issues on the game, even with some high-end specs. A small percentage of players get it to run fine, but many get a ton of hurdles.

Guerrilla games noted that they’re working on a fix, saying they’re aware of the problem. They then followed up with a Twitter message that tries to remind everyone that work is ongoing. So far, they’re getting through the busywork of the patch.

This Friday, Guerrilla released the 1.01 patch for the game that addresses several issues. Chief among the issues they corrected is one that prevents players from saving. The update is small, but it saves players a ton of grief.

1.01 patch addresses some issues, more “priority” problems next

Among the first issues fixed for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC are crash issues when SteamUI doesn’t initialize. This problem causes freezes or outright crashes for the game.

They also fixed a few functionality problems. Guerrilla corrected the saving issue when players have special characters on their names. They also worked out an ongoing issue with slowdown mechanics in-game.


So far, Guerrilla notes that they have several major issues to address soon. They set many of them as “high-priority” issues and will work them out ASAP.

Some players will still experience crashes related to startup. They’re going to address many of these, including GPU-related hangs in-game.

Graphical setting issues, like anisotropic filtering and 4K problems, will get a priority too. Performance issues on hardware combinations should get a quick resolution over the coming weeks.

There’s a ton of work that needs to happen until Zero Dawn becomes viable on PC. Even then, Guerrilla is asking players to make official reports on their website.

“Although we are not able to get back to every report, we sincerely appreciate the continued support from our community,” said Guerrilla on their Reddit post. “We care deeply about creating an enjoyable experience for everyone playing Horizon Zero Dawn, and we will continue to work on further enhancements based on your feedback.”

Horizon Zero Dawn on PC is a great game worthy of classic status. Once all the issues blow over, it should be able to reach its full potential on the best platform.

Images courtesy of Guerrilla/YouTube Screenshot

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