Horror game ‘Martha is Dead’ coming to PS5

The next-gen horror game called Martha Is Dead is soon to be released on PS5. A massive change in the gaming scene is to be expected.

Martha is Dead, which will be released onto the platform, will be a massive game-changer for the next-gen gaming scenario as a whole, and we are about to see some rising changes in demand.

A new game that will surely be awesome

Martha is Dead is a horror game set in WWII-generation Italy. In a trailer released by the developers during the Golden Joystick Awards, they have confirmed that the horror game will soon be released on Sony’s new console.

Based on the trailer, the backstory is depicted in the form of a puppet theater and clips of the game; the teaser gives the gamers a hint of the real story on Martha is Dead.

According to previous reports, the game takes place in Tuscany in 1944, with the backdrop of the escalating battle during WWII, and a young female’s body drowned in a lake could be found.

The gamers will have to take the role of the dead woman’s sister, who will deal with the result of her sister’s homicide and her trauma of the loss.

So the question arises here: Is this a game of chase and run? Well, we are about to see right here.

Martha is Dead is an entirely awesome game that will change your perspective towards gaming.

It is undoubtedly a game of chase as we are about to see some massive differences since the game will be released on multiple platforms and is set to date.

2021 is going to be fun

Martha is dead, co-funded by the EU union as part of the Creative Europe Programme, and was introduced for PC and Xbox Series S earlier this summer.

However, there was no news regarding the launch of the PS5 until today. The game’s precise release date has not been confirmed, but it is expected to be released sometime next year.

Moreover, the developers have tried to pull something out of their hats. Gamers have seen a considerable amount of tries from the lot, and are trying to see something as a whole story here as the makers have said to focus more on the main rather than the backdrop.

The developer LKA has drawn on Italy for the concept for its games even before. The studio also released a game called The Town of Light.


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