Horror game ‘Next Door’ is one of the perfect adaptation of Junji Ito’s manga

Next Door, a horror game, has a hair-raising tale to share.

If you are a huge fan of playing horror games, this is the best choice. Many people have come across the infamous Japanese mangaka artist who goes by the name of Junji Ito.

He has contributed a lot to the horror series, and some of his mangas have been ranked to the highest because of the hair-raising tales they share with the readers.

Looking for stories that will leave you deeply unsettled with a pit size of a grapefruit in your stomach is what Junji has mastered to achieve over the years.

He is your guy when it comes to sharing stories that can cause you to flinch at night and especially if the adaptation is taken in the form of a video game.

What is this game about?

The Woman Next Door is one of the most disturbing short stories that you will read on a horror manga, as a group of indie devs has come up to help the nightmarish manga be bought on consoles into adapting it as a video game named Next Door.

Players have to take the role of Mimi, who is a young woman and has recently moved to a new apartment, only to find out that she lives below a noisy neighbor who plays his death metal all the time and a bit too loudly.

After confronting the person, or whom we know as the metal head from the manga, in the hallway and demanding that he can turn down his music a bit too low, both of the characters run into a fellow neighbor or who might be a new occupant of the house.

A tall woman is dressed entirely in black, and she has a scarf hat on the top of her head, which hides most of her face. She is wearing sunglasses and has a mysterious aura about her that both tenants cannot help but notice.

How is the gameplay?

What follows is a handful of dreaded experiences with that mysterious woman, until one day Mimi finds out the eerie secret of the woman and what she hides beneath.

As the player, you are mainly walking around the room and examining all the objects, but Next Door captures every single moment with a sense of horror still impact.

Even though the art is completely pixelated, it is horrendously detailed, and it more than makes up for it in other areas. The main thing about the game is that players have to be extremely sharp and attentive while they are playing it. The woman in the dark can hide anywhere or in the dark corners of the screen.

It is a constant worry for all the players as the looming body of the woman will follow them under a door frame and suddenly start chasing you.


Image courtesy of ManlyBadassHero/YouTube

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