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Horror game ‘Silver Chains’ drops creepy trailer and console release date


The publisher behind Limbo and The Binding of Isaac unveils a new trailer for the horror game Silver Chains.

Publisher Headup and Cracked Head Games have come up with a new release to excite fans. The first-person horror game Silver Chains is getting a new release date with a new trailer, which has dropped today.

How does the gameplay go?

The first-person horror game Silver Chains is a classic way to engage fans.

The gameplay will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and even on PS4 on January 29. The trailer has revealed many things through which players can understand the type of journey they are set on.

The game is set on an old English manor where players are stranded together to unravel the mysteries lurking in the dark. The video’s haunting score has captured much attention from gamers.

If you have an appetite for horror, then the twitching bodies and the perfect phantom set of the game is something you will completely love. Players have to assume the role of the protagonist of Silver Chains, named Peter.

After he escapes from a car accident, the game begins to take place. Peter retreats to the manor for the rest of the night.

Unaware of the horror that awaits in the manor, players have to take the role of Peter.

How can you escape the game?

As dark forces uncover Peter, he has to unveil all the secrets hidden behind the corridor’s walls to escape.

To avoid malicious supernatural creatures, players have to get through the halls with a proper plan in mind. To breathe in the old English manor, Silver Chains unveils the power of Unreal Engine 4.

The move for Silver Chains to console has been in development for a long time. Developer Cracked Head Games have said that they are hopeful that the new launch will help the audience to indulge in the lineup of horror games that waits for them.

Silver Chains were already a part of the horror 2019’s titles. Flying under the radar of a Steam launch from last year, this game has garnered a ton of fans.

Fans must be excited to know that publisher Headup is behind the release of Silver Chains. The company has already released some of the greatest classics, such as Super Meat Boy, Dead Cells.

Silver Chains is now available for PC. It will soon be released on all platforms, dated 29 of January.

Image courtesy of Headup/YouTube Screenshot

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