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Horror game ‘The Medium’ reveals PC specs and new trailer


The Medium, the new horror game, has some significant turns for the fans as developers have shared a brand new trailer.

The Medium developers have come up with all queries regarding the game. They have even said that the game will have a new launch date and specs for playing.

The release will be next week

With the release of The Medium next week, the fans are trying to get a better idea of how the game will work.

Developer Bloober team is looking forward to answering some of the fans’ questions like, “What does Medium do?” “What are the requirements of the game?” and more.

The game will be released over Xbox Series X/S and PC – on January 28. Back on the gameshow of May of 2020, The Meduim was first shown.

It follows the life of Marianne, who has psychic abilities and who can connect with the supernatural.

She is set on her path where there are various investigations that she will come across in the course of her gameplay.

The game was initially set as Microsoft’s next-gen consoles. But only in a month soon the first trailer of the game was launched.

Developers said that the game wanted to have a unique twist. Now the launch date was pushed back to 2021 instead.

Bloober Team has come up with all the fans’ queries, and they are trying to answer. The team has said that developers are working for the early launch of the game, and they are focused on releasing the game as soon as they can in January 2021.

How are the trailers coming through?

The first trailer of The Medium has thrown fans in a frenzy. In the first trailer, players can check into 15-minute gameplay through the whole Medium franchise.

As some fans have connected, the gameplay was excellent, saying that the game’s split-screen mechanic is cool.

It helps the players control the main protagonist in the real world and even in the spirit world.

The Medium helps the players to have a moment to moment action. It is haunting as the game’s general atmosphere is asked to scare the audience and leave an eerie trace in them.

The short video released by the team as the second trailer has been shown as “see, feel and turn things.”

The specs of the game have been launched by the team as well. This fantastic game will eventually have an early January 28 launch.

Image courtesy of IGN/YouTube Screenshot

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