Horror puzzler ‘Little Nightmares’ is free to keep over Memorial Weekend


One of the best horror puzzler games is free to keep right now, as Little Nightmares is free over the Memorial weekend for everyone to enjoy.

Little Nightmares is one of the most stellar puzzlers of recent years. It offers a grim but whimsical outlook into life and all the bad things that come with it. The game is awesome, and it’s much better because it’s free on Steam.

Nightmares 1 was a multi-awarded title

The horror puzzler is quite enjoyable and challenging too. The game follows Six, a small-ish child in a big world where she is trapped in a prison called The Maw. in this big, zoomed out world, everything becomes a puzzle so players can traverse it.

Over some time, players will see enemies trying their best to eat her. As players escape, more and more obstacles will be there to obstruct your way. A disturbing dollhouse and even a playground full of secrets will be pulling players from their seats.

Little Nightmares 1 was a hit among fans, improving on the standards set by its predecessors like Limbo and Braid. The game even won Best Indie Game at The Game Awards 2016.

It also received four BAFTA awards in several categories. These include Original Property, Game Design, Artistic Achievement, and Narrative. This title is multi-awarded for a reason, and quite enjoyable too.

LN1 received sequel early this year

Little Nightmares going free on Steam is quite the treat. The game is such a hit that it even received a sequel, Little Nightmares 2, which came out earlier this year. The new game follows Mono, a young boy who is looking to escape his terrible world.

In the new game, Six is an AI-controlled support character, so there’s continuation to the story too. Players would need to work with Six in the sequel to solve puzzles and escape obstacles together.

Much of the challenge of Little Nightmares 1 are not the puzzles, but rather its controls. The game is four years old and the perspective can be confusing to some. The controls in some areas can be iffy, so it’s a bigger part of the overall scheme.

The game will stay free until 1PM EST/10AM Pacific on May 30, which comes with a slew of other discounts and free games. For starters, Company of Heroes 2 and its DLC Ardennes Assault is also free and with stay free until May 31 at 1PM EST.

Little Nightmares is quite the compelling title. For anyone who likes a smart, horrific game, this is the best pick.

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