Horror-themed tactical-RPG ‘Othercide’ hits the shelves this July

Horror-themed tactical-RPG 'Othercide' hits the shelves this July

Eerie monochrome strategy game Othercide takes cues from the XCOM series and will be making its way to current-gen consoles on July 28.

What would you get if you crossed XCOM with the Souls series? Developer Lightbulb Crew seems to have the answer with Othercide, a gothic horror RPG filled with grotesque monsters, religious zealots, and creepy hymns.

The tactical-RPG recently dropped an announcement trailer revealing the game’s July 28 release date for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, with a Nintendo Switch version following at a later unspecified date.

Othercide announcement trailer

Lightbulb Crew’s minute and a half long release date video showed off some of Othercide’s stylish gameplay, along with some cryptic lines pertaining to the game’s tragic backstory.

Fans also got a good look at some of the horror title’s imaginative, albeit rather gruesome, enemies, and a few of its environments, which seem to hint at a post-apocalyptic setting.

The trailer put Othercide’s three character classes on display, the Blademaster, the Soulslinger, and the Shieldbearer.

The Blademaster looks to be the main damage dealer, boasting a high attack stat but is lacking in the defense department. This class is described as a “powerful, agile sword fighter. She is quick and deadly but also more fragile than her sisters.”

The Soulslinger is Othercide’s dual-pistol wielding ranged class that allows players to attack from a distance, while also providing her allies with support using her skills.

The Shieldbearer is as the name suggests, a defense class that sports a shield as well as a long spear. This class will obviously lean heavily towards defense rather than offense.

The Daughters and their fight against The Suffering

Othercide’s main theme revolves around sacrifice, as the Daughters—who seem to be clones of humanity’s greatest warrior—are the last ones to stand before the oncoming onslaught.

Gamers will have to make tough decisions to ensure the survival of their team, while their playstyle will dictate their characters’ abilities and personalities.

The game’s motto of “You will fight. You will fail. You will rise again,” suggests that style isn’t the only thing the horror-themed RPG adopted from the Souls series. As it’s likely that players will taste the bitter sting of loss and defeat countless times in their fight against The Suffering and The Other.

Othercide is shaping up to be a fresh new take on a well-established genre that fans of strategy-RPGs might want to keep an eye on.

Featured image courtesy of Othercide

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