Housemarque releases new ‘Returnal’ patch 1.3.7


Housemarque Games has been quite punctual and consistent with providing new patches for its blockbuster title Returnal.

And now, there’s a new update, 1.3.7 for Returnal, intended to fix even more bugs and errors faced by the players.

While sharing the news, the developer also mentioned an important reminder.

If the automatic updates option is turned on, the game will close while remaining in rest mode. The installation will take place in that mode itself.

‘Returnal’ patch 1.3.7: What’s new?

Despite receiving immense critical and commercial success within a month, there have been some major issues with Returnal.

A few weeks ago, the title had a file-saving error that prevented players from saving their games.

But Housemarque has put a lot of effort into delivering continuous solutions in the form of new updates.

The latest one also brings key improvements, just like past releases.

Here’s what’s been fixed and resolved in Returnal patch 1.3.7:

  • Issue fixed for Deceased Scouts not appearing properly most of the time.
  • Players won’t be receiving a negative-effect parasite on startup from now on. Previously it happened when they had one of their Deceased Scout corpses scavenged.
  • Issue fixed where Ophion boss was disappearing after players used the Reconstructor during the fight.
  • A rare audio bug has been resolved. It used to cause loud noises during combat.
  • Another issue settled where players were getting stuck, sometimes, in various rooms.
  • Fixed the problem relating to encountering a black screen during the credits or while playing.
  • Multiple fixes are introduced for rare crashes during the gameplay.

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How’s it been so far?

There’s no about the immense success Returnal has gained so far within just 30 days of its big launch.

It arrived on April 30th as a PS5 exclusive.

While portals like Metacritic have given it a brilliant score of 86 (at the time of writing), players have also praised it a lot.

It smashed many competing, solid AAA releases of the year by entering the list of top four best-selling PS5 titles last month!

The game follows the story of Selene, who finds herself crash-landing on an alien planet. She has to fight and break a constant cycle of facing deadly creatures in a roguelike manner.

Every time she dies, she has to restart her journey again!

The game’s playing style is in the third-person perspective.

Returnal is now available for PS5.

What do you think about the Housemarque title? Have you played it on PS5 or not?

And did you like it?

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