How are Millenials changing the labor market?

Millennials are young people who are becoming the main demographic group among the economically active population. They make up about a third of the total workforce, so it’s no surprise that millennials have a profound impact on every aspect of the workflow. In fact, millennials are becoming the driving force behind making jobs safer for everyone. How does this happen? In the following article, we will have a look at this topic thoroughly.

Everything Depends on Childhood

Everything comes from childhood: the generation of millennials is the first generation, which, under close supervision of parents, and then consciously, supplied and correctly used protective equipment for ordinary children’s games. It’s not uncommon for millennials to ride a bike wearing a helmet. For their parents, it was optional, and even unnecessary protection, which was not cool to wear. Hence, there is a completely opposite attitude towards PPE and compliance with safety rules in the workplace: the older generation often neglects them, and the young staff generally strictly follow safety instructions, because they have become accustomed to personal protective equipment since childhood. For them, taking safety measures is just a fact of life, something they have done all the time.

According to psychologists, millennials are more concerned with personal safety than any other generation. Some of these concerns are justified, as statistics show that younger employees are more likely to be injured at work due to less experience.

The fairly clear requirements of the new generation of employees for workplace safety lead to the emergence of interesting trends in this area will be presented below.

Security gamification

It might seem like something as big as security shouldn’t be a game, but involving millennials in creating a safer work environment is shown to be most effective in a game format. Invite employees to identify potential security issues and create a competition to see who can identify and resolve most security issues.

Social networks

Social media is the second self of millennials. Use a variety of platforms to discuss your safety program and engage workers in the conversation. Conduct polls, share photos and stories and encourage participation in the conversation. This way you will be able to attract, among other things, new employees to your company.

Social networks are generally an integral part of any workspace and millennials are the ones that can use them the best way possible.


The era of the internet has led to increased transparency: your employees want to know what security measures are in place and how they should respond in an emergency. More and more often, even an evacuation plan is no longer just a picture on the wall for the inspectors, but a carefully studied document.

The fact that millennials talk about workplace safety and are worried about it benefits all employees. While some luminaries in their field are used to scoffing at the concept of “safety training”, in today’s world it is simply impossible to afford to ignore the risks. It is the change of working generations together with new approaches that make our work easier and safer.


Image courtesy of NowThis World/YouTube

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