How Bitmain is helping crypto miners keep more of their hard-earned Bitcoin

How Bitmain is helping crypto miners keep more of their hard-earned Bitcoin

Bitmain is expected to launch the first platform that connects mining hardware owners with mining farm owners. 

The Beijing-based company announced on Friday that it will be launching a global map that displays available mining resources and hosting fees.

Named the World Digital Mining Map (WDMM), it provides mining hardware owners with more buying options and improves their ability to remain price-efficient.

World Digital Mining Map

In essence, the map provides the foundation for a more transparent marketplace. Thus, hardware miners will be better able to secure the best price deal for their rigs.

However, mining farm owners will also benefit, as they will have more options for filling their available power capacity.

Bitmain’s mining map follows similar mapping attempts, most notably Investoon, to map supply with demand.

WDMM’s unveiling will occur at the World Digital Mining Summit in Frankfurt On October 8-10.

Getting listed on the WDMM

During the Summit, Bitmain will be encouraging mining farm owners to get listed on the WDMM. They merely need to supply details about their hardware capacity, mining setup, and other metrics.

The company is showcasing its comprehensive support for crypto miners in a bid to remain a dominant player within the industry.

“The WDMM will help make cryptocurrency mining more sustainable in the long-run by connecting mining farms and hardware owners in a whole new way,” said Michael Wang, Director of Mining Farms at Bitmain.

“It is part of our commitment to provide miners with on-going support throughout their hardware’s lifetime and to support the sector’s overall growth.”

As an added incentive, Bitmain plans to help applicants improve their operational capabilities and mining farm design as well.

What Bitcoin mining companies think about WDMM

The WDMM listing benefits are already proving to be popular among Bitcoin mining companies.

“Being listed on the WDMM helped me to find miners who want to host their rigs in my facility,” stated Gregory Ohanessian, Chief Mining Officer of VC Mining.

“Bitmain was able to connect me with the right customers to fill in the extra capacity I had. This is the support I needed to help me expand my facility at a faster pace.”

Likewise, Dmitrii Ushakov, Chief Commercial Officer of Bitriver, noted: “Tapping into Bitmain’s assessment and support services via the WDMM helped me to optimize my facility.”

“Their team suggested new ways to further the overall output from my Antminers while reducing downtime. This has made it cheaper to build my mining farm and made operations more cost-effective, driving overall profits,” he added.

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