How CryptoRecruit is matching crypto companies with the best talent


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CryptoRecruit is a boutique agency focusing specifically on the talent needs of projects in the blockchain space. The founder and core team have all been involved in this space as investors and advisors before the hype began.

The founder Neil being a cryptocurrency investor since early 2016 was a recruitment professional for 14 years before coming across this ground breaking new technology. It was at this point that Cryptorecruit was born to focus solely on crypto and how it could change the world we live in.

Soon after CryptoRecruit was born by bringing together a team of highly driven professional who had already been invested and worked in the space, able to understand the unique requirements and deliver with passion.

CryptoRecruit currently has 12 core team members and growing with a global support network spread across Sydney, Singapore Stockholm, London, Dubai and San Francisco.

CryptoRecruit is the first blockchain-specific recruitment agency in the space and has been handling the hiring needs of the top projects globally for over 2 years now. They handle roles on a wide range from C-level executives and developers to admin and support staff. Much of the work done has been focused in San Francisco, New York, Zugg, Hong Kong and Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne due to the high volume of start-ups in those regions.

They successfully moved the head of compliance out of a top tier investment bank and placed her into a leading crypto exchange, to help guide around the intricacies involved with financial law. They also assisted a leading crypto project to acquire their Chief Scientist, whom was vital for the creation and implementation of the model, from a tech
giant. Helping make that idea one large step closer to becoming a reality. These are just two examples amongst many other including placing CEO’s, COO’s, Researchers and senior Blockchain developers.

CryptoRecruit has been helping develop and grow the space in the background by bringing the top talent from the traditional world into the crypto world giving us the best shot at success.

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Are you operating in the space and looking for the best talent to help lead your vision? Are you a blockchain startup looking to build a team to make your dream a reality? Are you a talented individual looking to make your move from the traditional corporate world into an exciting new space where you can build your legacy? Are you interested in pursuing a career with CryptoRecruit? Then reach out for an exploratory chat. We can help.

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