‘How Do You Play?’ gives 1 billion won to ten various places

How do Do You Play? donates a total of 1.8 billion won ($1.6 million) from the activities of Refund Sisters, Yoo San Seul, and SSAK3.

MBC’s How Do You Play? gathered a whopping 1.8 billion won that all went through the donations grantee. The amount was from the proceeds from the program’s various activities.

The activities of “How Do You Play?”

Soompi shared that the host of the MBC program, Yoo Jae Suk, leveled up the show’s whereabouts this year.

Throughout 2020, he created the ultimate dream quartet Refund Sisters, a co-ed group SSAK3, and a trot music persona Yoo San Seul.

SSAK3 comprises Lee Hyori and Rain. At the same time, Refund Sisters is composed of Jessi, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, Lee Hyori, and Uhm Jung Hwa.

Furthermore, Allkpop shared that the sales of the groups’ albums and the show’s projects made the MBC program collect the bagging amount of money for donations.

With that said, it was previously announced that this year’s proceeds would go to reasonable cause.

Moreover, How Do You Play? is known for generously donating its proceeds since last year. Similarly, the proceeds were majorly contributed by SSAK3’s Home Concert and the Refund Sisters’ activities.

Where did it all go?

On Christmas day, a representative from How Do You Play? said in a statement:

“We are overjoyed to be bringing good news this Christmas. According to the wishes of the cast and crew, we will be donating to 10 places that need help.”

Simultaneously, around 100 million won ($100,000) will go to a COVID-19 fund that provides coal briquettes for community dining groups, purchase seats for the audience for arts and centers, and deliver meals to underprivileged children.

Nevertheless, the remaining amount of 1.7 billion won (around $1.5 million) will be given away to ten various places chosen by the show’s crew and cast.

Meanwhile, updates about the donations will be made available on MBC’s How Do You Play?‘s official Instagram account on December 26 (Saturday). Stay tuned!


Image courtesy of SUPER SOUND Bugs!/YouTube Screenshot

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