How Ellie’s play style differs with Joel in ‘The Last of Us 2’

The Last of Us 2 picks up five years after the events of the first game, and it’s expected to be another emotional journey. A lot is different this time around, including who the players will control in the sequel.

While still prominent in the game, Joel will take the backseat in the sequel, and players will now get to control Ellie most of the time. It isn’t just a story element; however, as Naughty Dog did say that Ellie will feel different in The Last of Us 2. Here’s how different she’ll be from Joel.


Ellie has a smaller frame than Joel, and she’s more agile and nimble as well. According to Naughty Dog, there’s more freedom with Ellie in terms of exploration. For starters, she has a dedicated jump button now so Ellie can jump on command. It allows her to reach certain areas.

Ellie’s small frame also allows her to easily squeeze through tight areas. By exploring these areas, players can hide from enemies and even uncover secrets within the world’s huge playable area. She can also go prone to hide under cars and grass.

To add more variation to how she explores, Naughty Dog has given Ellie the ability to use a rope to climb down or up to certain areas as well.

Lastly, Ellie’s inability to swim was one of her major problems in the first game. According to the developers, however, she has since learned how to work her way around water in the sequel.


When it comes to combat in The Last of Us 2, the difference between Ellie and Joel is night and day. Since she’s smaller, she can’t physically overpower most of the enemies in the game. In the first game, Joel can easily do so, and he can even beat most enemies using his fists.

Players are advised to pick their battles wisely as there are some instances when running away is more optional. Thanks to her agility, Ellie can get out of sticky situations rather easily. In terms of stealth, however, she will have an easier time. While prone, she can even shoot her weapons.

The Last of Us 2 launches in a few days while the review embargo will lift on June 12. Players are excited to see how Naughty Dog has upped themselves for the sequel, but so far, things are looking great for the upcoming title.


Images used PlayStation/YouTube

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