How exploration works in ‘Ghost of Tsushima’

Sony’s Ghost of Tsushima-focused State of Play showcased what fans can expect from the upcoming title. While many were focused on checking out the combat elements of the game, the exploration mechanics are something to check out as well.

As a samurai and a ghost, Jin becomes a deadly combatant in Ghost of Tsushima. Before getting into fights against the Mongols, however, he has to traverse the huge island of Tsushima. Developer Sucker Punch put in just as much effort into the game’s open-world and exploration mechanics as much as it did in combat.

Here’s everything we know about exploration so far.

No waypoints

Taking a different approach to other titles, there are no waypoints in the game. That means that if players have to get to one point in the map, they’ll have to rely on their sense of direction and their general knowledge of the game’s world. This unique feature provides players with a deeper level of immersion, and it will also force them to explore the land on their own.

Guiding winds

Even if there are no waypoints, there are other ways for players to easily get to where they are headed. Sucker Punch came up with a creative way of guiding players by letting the wind help out. If players are headed to one specific area, they can see gusts of wind flowing in that direction. Although the winds don’t give the exact location of an area, it can at least point players in the right way.


In Ghost of Tsushima, players get to explore a huge open-world that’s sprawling with innocent civilians, enemies, and other forms of life. One of which are foxes. If players spot a fox during their journey, they should walk towards it and begin following as well.

According to the State of Play reveal, the foxes can guide players to points of interest. From shrines to other secrets, the fox will serve as an ally to Jin on his journey.


The island of Tsushima is filled with secrets to uncover. From shrines to hidden equipment, players should take Jin wherever they can as the points of interest are scattered throughout. Players can squeeze inside caves and traverse cliffsides, so it’s best to explore each area as much as possible.

Ghost of Tsushima launches for the PlayStation 4 on July 17. Pre-orders for the game and its special editions area already available, so players should order soon before stocks run out.


Image used courtesy of Sony/YouTube

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