How Jennifer Aniston has been utilizing her time alone in quarantine

Jennifer Aniston has, allegedly, been making the most out of her time while in quarantine.

According to Us Weekly, Jennifer Aniston has been writing a lot. More specifically, the actress has been writing film scripts.

Since Aniston is, reportedly, a homebody, her time in quarantine has been nice for her. It has also encouraged her to become more creative.

“She’s a homebody, so this time has been nice for her and she’s been very creative. [Aniston] dabbled in personal writing in the past but now the timing’s right for her to do it her own way,” the source said.

Jennifer Aniston gearing up for the production of ‘The Morning Show’

Other than writing, the Friends actress is also focused on the upcoming season of The Morning Show on Apple TV+. Despite the series’ previous renewal, Aniston, her co-stars, and the crew have not started filming because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Jen’s signed over as much as six months per year of her time to The Morning Show for as long as it runs. Everything’s moved a lot faster and more smoothly than the first season,” the source said.

Series will tackle important issues

Showrunner Kelly Ehrin previously confirmed that Season 2 would tackle some of today’s important issues, such as the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re figuring all of that out. Creative people, we just absorb everything, and then we repurpose it so that’s what we’re in the process of doing It’s been a huge, eye-opening and emotional time that I think is going to be present in so many artists’ work,” Ehrin said.

Jennifer Aniston rumors

Jennifer Aniston rumors

Last month, Jennifer Aniston made headlines amid claims that she is quarantining with a mystery man. Fans of the actress started speculating on the possibility of Aniston having someone to spend the lockdown with.

However, Aniston has been living alone in her mansion in Beverly Hills.

Aniston also made headlines amid claims that she and Courteney Cox have been helping Matthew Perry with his struggles. An unnamed source alleged that Aniston and Cox have been hanging out with their Friends co-star.

The actress has, allegedly, been giving Perry healthy recipes that could help with his weight loss. According to Globe, the actor gained so much weight following his split from Molly Hurwitz.

“He hasn’t been well and he doesn’t look good. He’s gained a lot of weight, and he’s having a lot of health issues related to his gastrointestinal problem. It breaks her heart to see him suffer. He seems to be responding. He always liked Jennifer Aniston,” the source said.

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