How long before ‘Valorant’ team deathmatch launches?

Riot Games recently launched Valorant, and along with it came some new content, including a new character, a new map, and a new map. Spike Rush certainly spices up the game, but it’s not the game mode that players are looking for.

The new Spike Rush mode in Valorant is more fast-paced and chaotic than the default bomb mode. Looking at it, there’s more action and reason for killing other players on the opposing side. Still, it isn’t the team deathmatch that fans have been longing for a long time now.

Team Deathmatch still possibly coming

In a recent interview, the game’s executive producer Anna Donlon says that the team is looking into a Team Deathmatch mode. This fits well with recent datamine showing that such a mode may be coming to the game.

Donlon says that before they launch a Team Deathmatch mode, the game needs to be adjusted so that it perfectly fits into the chaotic mode. With this, she might be referring to the agents and their abilities in the game. She adds that Valorant isn’t exactly tailored for that style of gameplay.

“We know that’s a big ask. So that’s definitely one of the next modes we’re looking at, but not one that we’re gonna have right at launch.”

Team Deathmatch is a straight forward mode wherein both teams simply need to take out the others up until a certain point is reached. Unlike the current game modes in the shooter, Team Deathmatch is more about precise shooting and aggressiveness instead of strategy and careful planning.

What is Spike Rush?

Spike Rush is a different take on the default mode in the game. The difference is that this time, each player from the attacking team is given a bomb. The goal is to plant at least one of these bombs. The mode also gives players all of their agent’s skills from the get-go and their weapon loadout is randomized.

A game of Spike Rush takes about 7-10 minutes as there’s up to seven rounds only. The mode is tailored to be some sort of a warmup for the default mode. It’s chaotic and fun.

Valorant is still in its early stages, and players can expect to see some major additions down the pipeline. Aside from new modes, Riot Games is also planning new characters and maps to be added to the game within the coming years.


Images used courtesy of Riot Games/YouTube

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