How Meghan Markle ‘cleverly’ called out Queen Elizabeth?

How Meghan Markle 'cleverly' called out Queen Elizabeth?

Here’s how Meghan Markle reportedly “called out” Queen Elizabeth II for failure to protect her.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially left the royal life on March 31. While now focusing on the new chapter of their lives in the United States, allegations have continued to develop.

It is not surprising, though, as to why reports have remained focused on the Sussex couple. Besides, their union, alongside their exit, has become quite controversial since then.

But, despite living a new life outside the British Monarchy, reports said that the former actress is still making movements related to the royals. As claimed, she recently “called out” Queen Elizabeth II for failing to protect her, especially during her pregnancy.

Meghan Markle felt “vulnerable”

A few months after marrying into the royal fold, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed their pregnancy. But, amid the good news, the rumors and allegations continued to develop, including the alleged feuds with the other British Royals.

Aside from these rumored rifts, the couple’s fight against the British Press was also apparent. In fact, even today, they are still battling with the press legally.

The former Suits actress sued the outlets for some of the damaging articles, as well as the intrusion of privacy. In the court documents, she shared about her “vulnerability” considering her pregnancy back then, according to the Daily Mail. She also went on to assert how the British newspapers have caused “emotional distress” and “damages” to her mental health.

Following the release of these filings, several reports concluded that Meghan felt “unprotected.” As claimed, she allegedly felt that the British Monarchy did not protect her from “all sorts of harassment,” particularly from the press.

Meghan Markle felt "vulnerable"

How she called out Queen Elizabeth II

When Meghan Markle reportedly called out the British Monarchy for not protecting her, she also called out its “leader,” Queen Elizabeth II, according to Cheat Sheet. As explained, it makes total sense considering that she is the head of the British Royal Family and British Monarchy.

The publication continued to assert that she did not only call for the Queen’s attention, but she also included the senior royals. These include Prince Charles and Prince William, the report added.

The same report then described it as a “bold move” from the Duchess of Sussex‘s part. Not only that, it is bold, but it is also reportedly “clever.”

In the end, however, some fans and followers have remained doubtful whether this is what Meghan Markle intended. Besides, the claims about feeling “unprotected” have also remained an allegation.


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