How Melania Trump counterbalances POTUS during coronavirus pandemic

How Melania Trump counterbalances Donald Trump during coronavirus pandemic

Melania Trump has proven to be the perfect counterbalance for her husband, Donald Trump amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While speaking with Express, body language expert Judi James suggested that Melania Trump is the perfect partner for the POTUS.

“While he sells boastfulness and spontaneity Melania presents elegance, modesty and what looks like an obsessive eye to detail. Her vocal tone is soft and adds the warmth to a rigid and stilted non-verbal delivery,” James said.

Melania Trump coronavirus response

The body language expert also said that Melania has been offering a surprising level of calm to the US public right now. However, her overstated perfection doesn’t seem to sit well with Britons.

“But, during the current crisis there might just be something about that not-a-hair-out-of-place coiffure and those killer heels that match the dress perfectly that suggest a reassuring sense of resilience and continuity to the people of the US,” James said.

In recent weeks, the FLOTUS has been sharing tips on how Americans can prevent the spread of the deadly virus via her social media account. Melania has also starred in a few coronavirus public service announcements (PSAs).

After the cancelation of her annual Easter Egg Roll event, the first lady shared a clip of herself reading one of her favorite Easter books.

Melania Trump’s coronavirus response praised

Donald Trump faces backlash

In contrast, the POTUS continues to make headlines during the coronavirus lockdown but for all the wrong reasons. A few days ago, Melania Trump’s husband suggested that using a disinfectant can help treat the virus.

During one of his press conferences at the White House, Donald also said that injecting the disinfectant into a person could help clean his lungs. However, there is no known study confirming what the POTUS said.

As for Melania, her statements about the coronavirus have been on the safe side. However, her critics continue to find some fault in them.

Melania Trump birthday

On her birthday, the FLOTUS thanked her millions of followers for all their birthday wishes. However, some of Melania’s critics couldn’t help but make fun of her.

“Thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes. This year, my heart is with those who have missed their own celebrations of birthdays, holidays, & special occasions with their families, friends, & colleagues. I look forward to the day when we can all be together again!” she wrote.

One of them called Melania Trump a hooker, while Donald was called a con man. Others wished that she and her husband would soon leave the White House.

Images used courtesy of Shealah Craighead / Public domain and The White House and the U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka’s official Facebook (publisher) / Public domain

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