How much would it be today if you’d invested $1,000 in cardano two years ago?


The price of cardano, like the rest of the crypto market, has fallen in recent weeks.

The cryptocurrency’s all-time high was set on May 16 this year, when it hit $2.46.

10,000 ADA (the Cardano blockchain platform’s cryptocurrency) were worth $24,600 at the time, representing a return of more than 2,300%.

The fact that an investment return can change so drastically in a matter of weeks only demonstrates how volatile a cryptocurrency investment can be.

The volatile prices of crypto

While the prices of bitcoin and other crypto are unsteady —  shooting up and crashing down, cardano’s price isn’t as unstable as the others. So far it has managed to keep its footing.

Credits to cardano’s versatility as a crypto, the strong team behind it, and its devoted following since its inception in 2017. 

ADA is also an eco-friendly cryptocurrency, which has grown in importance as people become more aware of bitcoin’s environmental impact.

Cardano metrics

Cardano was worth $0.10 two years ago. If you had invested $1,000 at that time, you would have received 10,000 ADA today. 

Cardano’s price is at $1.06 based on tracking by Coingecko, Tuesday. Your initial $1,000 investment is now worth $12,000. This equates to a 1,100% return.

However, it’s not cardano’s current price that excites investors, but what it can potentially do in the future.

Is it worth investing in ADA?

It’s simple to purchase, as it’s available on a number of popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto enthusiasts hold high regard for the founder of Cardano.

It is environmentally friendly because of its low energy consumption.

It also has a wide range of potential real-world applications and isn’t one of the many cryptocurrencies that rely on hype. 


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