How players can prepare for the upcoming ‘Isle of Armor’ DLC

The Isle of Armor is set for release next week. Players will need to prepare themselves for another exciting adventure.

Isle of Armor is the first-ever Pokemon DLC for the series and will debut next week for Sword and Shield. The game introduced the Generation 8 of Pokemon last November 2019.

The latest title from the Nintendo franchise includes new features such as Dynamax and Max Raid Battles. Instead of releasing another game, Game Freak decided to release it as an Expansion Pass.

The first DLC, Isle of Armor, will make its debut on June 17, 2020. Here is a list of things to prepare players for the coming adventure.

Gather Wishing Pieces

A Wishing Piece is an item used to summon Gigantamax or Dynamax Pokemon inside the Wild Area. Throwing one inside a battle den will randomly summon a Pokemon, which players can battle.

It is presumed that both DLCs will feature a new Wild Area. With this in mind, battle dens will also be available in the new Wild Areas, which will possibly contain the new Pokemon in the DLC.

To be prepared for this, players will need to gather as many Wishing Pieces as they can before the DLC is rolled out. Wishing Pieces can be bought from a Watt Trader for 3000 Watts each. Having extra Wishing Pieces means more chances of catching new Gigantamax Pokemon.

Obtain a Shiny Charm

Players who have beaten the game’s main campaign should now be aiming to complete or at least fill in in their Pokedex.

The Shiny Charm can only be obtained once a player manages to catch and register at least 400 Pokemon on their Pokedex. A Shiny Charm boosts a player’s chance to encounter a Shiny Pokemon.

These special kinds of Pokemon show up in another color scheme and are highly sought after by fans. Players exploring the Isle of Armor should have a Shiny Carm equipped to boost their chances of running into the Shiny version of all the new Pokemon added in the game.

Have a solid team composition

Players will have the privilege to take their current Pokemon team over to the Isle of Armor. However, they must expect that there will be a level cap inside the DLC.

The best way to prepare for the DLC is to make sure that all Pokemon are in good shape. Players should make sure that their Pokemon are capable before going to the Isle of Armor.

Featured image courtesy of Dexerto/Youtube Screenshot


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