How pros completed the Enter the Revenants quest in ‘Apex Legends’

Apex Legends has a new Broken Ghost mission this week. The “Enter the Revenants” quest tasks players to fight through Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Enter the Revenants is the next chapter in the game’s Broken Ghost storyline. Players are lauding the developers for taking a bold move of introducing a new element in the shooting game genre.

Apex Legends just followed the usual battle royale formula when it was released. But today, they are bringing in a full-blown PvE storyline. Every mission in Apex Legends is simple. Enter Kings Canyon, kill a lot of enemies, claim the rewards, and get out of the map safely.

For this week, the battle of the infamous Portuguese bandit is getting personal. Mission Three is dubbed as Enter the Revenants, which starts swerving the story closer to Season 5.

How to complete Apex Legends’ Enter the Revenants storyline

Demolish Revenant’s Totems

Instead of falling inside Kings Canyon, as usual, this time players will start the mission in ghost mode. Upon landing weaponless, they should run around the map to destroy all six Revenant totems. At the same time, players will also defend themselves from Prowlers.

The totems can be seen in the map indicated by quest markers. Players will need to utilize their speed and climbing abilities to stay away from Prowlers.

Dig up artifact

After destroying the totems, players can now pick up weapons. They should then go into the Water Treatment facility.

While on the way, players should take the opportunity to kill Prowlers and pick up anything. Once inside the facility, they will find a location on the map for artifact drilling.

Once it’s activated, players will have to defend themselves and the drill from incoming waves of Prowlers.


After the drilling is done and the artifact is visible, players must pick the artifact and find a way to escape.

Players will only have two minutes to escape the facility and find their way into the ship that will carry them off to safety.

The Liberated Narc

After successfully finishing the mission, players will be given access to a text-only cutscene named The Liberated Nar stated from Octane’s point of view. Players will see Revenant announcing that there is a traitor within their ranks. As Bloodhound, Gibraltar, and Bangalore arrive at the scene, Revenant escapes.

Bangalore disregards the warning and sends Octane to Yoko. His mission is to verify the claim that there is indeed a traitor. Everyone then leaves, but Octane disregards the order. He goes out and discovers Loba’s artifacts instead.

Next week will feature another quest called The Impromptu Kidnapper. According to Apex Legends rumors, the story will likely be told from Lifeline’s perspective.

Featured image courtesy of Flibse/Youtube Screenshot

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