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How PVP works in the open worlds of ‘Diablo 4’


Upcoming action-RPG Diablo 4 has revealed the open-world PVP aspect of the game. Called the Fields of Hatred, the PVP will be as casual-friendly as possible.

Diablo 4 will take place in a shared, open-world and it seems PVP will be something opt-in. Most of its PVP will happen in the Fields of Hatred map, a high-risk, high-reward zone that will be useful for high-quality gear.

Fields of Hatred will be central to PVP

PVP in D4 will be relegated to clearly marked zones called Fields of Hatred. FoH is desolate, but not without its denizens. The area will have PvE, with many monsters sprinkled all over. There will be monsters and even event bosses in the area.

People can choose to fight off monsters in the Fields without fighting each other themselves. PVP will be opt-in, so if nobody starts a fight, everything will be coop. Even then, anyone can kill players and turn on each other.

The reward in the Fields of Hatred comes from resources called shards of Hatred. These resources can be used for trading, many of which result in high-quality gear. The shards themselves can be obtained through all kinds of activities within the fields without PVP.

The entire idea of PVP, however, works as a fast and easy way to earn as many shards as possible.

Shards will be high-value resource

Shards in Diablo 4 offer hefty rewards after they are purified at the altar. The biggest risk of purification is that players can get a “hostile” mark as the purification proceedings happen. This opens players up to attacks from others without getting the mark themselves.

Anyone who dies in the Fields of Hatred will drop all the shards they have on themselves. This allows players to duke it out without worrying about their items dropping too. Once the shards are cleansed, the shards go unmarked and will not drop upon death.

The shards themselves are valuable, able to purchase special mounts, weapons, and costumes. There’s also a king of the hill type system called Vessel of Hatred. Through this, the player killer with the highest kill count gets a mark.

Anyone who kills the Vessel of Hatred can get bonus shards, but it does not end there. Any player who dies after killing someone with a big haul will still drop all their uncleansed shards.

There’s no word when Diablo 4 will come out. It will likely take another 2 to 3 years until it comes out. Until then, there’s Diablo 2: Resurrection coming this year.

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