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How serious exactly is the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift issue?


For the first time, Nintendo is making a public apology for the Switch’s notorious Joy-Con drift, an issue that not only drew flak but also a lawsuit of which remains ongoing.

But how serious exactly is the Joy-Con drift much to cause a big company to send out an apology to its loyal consumers?

A Major Fault

The Switch is undeniably one of the company’s greatest success, seeing a massive demand that reflected primarily on sales. This is especially true when compared to some of the console’s older siblings that either sold poorly or outright flopped.

The console’s achievement does not only rely on hardware sales, however. Part of the overall feat that resulted in Nintendo’s boom comes with the console’s fostered ecology. Something to which the company greatly learned from with its previous failure with the Wii U.

But while much praise can be said about the Nintendo Switch for its ingenuity, it does come with a major caveat. As it appears, its Joy-Con’s analog controller is not durable enough to warrant its rather expensive cost or re-buying consideration.

Dubbed the “Joy-Con drift” for the register-less analog input that translates to as uncontrolled in-game movement, the issue has plagued users for years.

An Inherent Problem

The idea, therefore, is not to say that a similar issue is not present with its competitor’s controllers. Ghost movements have always been an aftereffect of using a controller’s analog too intensely or far too long. But the rate at which it happens is significantly less frequent than the Joy-Con.

Although the subject of the Joy-Con’s eventual wear-and-tear varies according to usage, many claims it is simply not tough by design. The notion also draws comparison to other Nintendo-made controllers that last for years, as per anecdotal claims.

A Temporary Fix

Nintendo being sorry and not providing a solution is not necessarily rectifying the issue for anyone. Nevertheless, being a subject of people’s attention for years, the Joy-Con Drift issue is not without its temporary solution.

In minor cases, a simple electronic spray within the internal parts of the Joy-Con provides a quick fix. Enough to provide the user some sort of solace to an otherwise nagging problem.

However, in extreme cases when merely spraying no longer works, hardware replacement becomes the only solution. This means either replacing a specific part within the Joy-Con or buying a new Joy-Con altogether.

Either way, it’s clear that the Joy-Con indeed does come with its faults and is something that Nintendo seems to be overlooking.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo Life/YouTube Screenshot

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