How to achieve Excellent Throw in ‘Pokemon Go’ for the skills challenge

excellent throw

The ongoing Skills Challenge asks players to successfully perform an Excellent Throw. Also, the move helps catch rare Pokemon easier.

Every Pokemon player has that moment where they are staring blankly on their screens, waiting to see if the monster stays inside the Pokeball. However, players must know that doing an Excellent Throw will help catch that elusive Pokemon.

What is an Excellent Throw?

There is a target ring to help players aim when throwing a Pokeball in Pokemon Go. Players who have thrown a Pokeball inside the ring will see text bubbles that say Nice, Great and Excellent.

The mentioned text bubbles let players know how they successfully hit a modifier during the throw. Aside from the bonus players get from throwing the Curveball, achieving a Nice, Great or Excellent Throw will boost the chances of capturing the Pokemon.

The Excellent Throw is the most challenging to achieve between the three because of its small size. Here are the modifiers for the throws:

    • Nice Throw – x1.15 bonus
    • Great Throw – x1.5 bonus
    • Excellent Throw – x1.85  bonus

Aside from the boosted catch rate and XP bonuses, landing an Excellent Throw is a requirement in completing Special and Field Researches. This means players need to frequently land Excellent Throws to catch a rare Pokemon or complete a task from an event.

How to achieve an Excellent Throw

Improving the chances of achieving an Excellent Throw will rely heavily on several important details. Here are a few tips to keep those throws rolling:

Observe the ring

Each Pokemon has a unique target ring in a different place. Some are closer to the creature’s face, while others have rings close to their body.

Others have rings shaped in a way that makes the ring impossible to line with the Pokemon’s body, like Rayquaza’s. The trick here is to ignore the Pokemon and just focus on the ring.

Practice with bigger Pokemon

The key to a successful throw is practice, and the best Pokemons to practice on are the bigger and closer ones. Players should still be practicing each throw; however, Rattata, Pidgey, and Snorlax are great practice targets for the throw.

Practice, practice, practice

Like any other skill, being good at something requires consistent practice. Players should try to catch every Pokemon they meet to get better at completing Excellent Throws. Aside from the experience, they will be earning tons of Stardust, which is essential to progress in the game.

Featured image courtesy of REVERSAL/YouTube Screenshot

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