How to catch and breed strong pokemon in ‘Isle of Armor’ DLC

isle of armor

Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC contains new and returning Pokemon characters. Some of these additions are the strongest monsters in the game.

The release of Isle of Armor DLC gives Pokemon Sword and Shield fans one good reason to return to the game. However, jumping back into this wild world could be challenging.

The most competitive and dedicated players have been playing it since the day Sword and Shield were launched. Returning players could easily feel like they are left behind and might have missed a lot of time-limited Pokemon as well.

Players who want to keep up with the ones who never stopped playing will have to do a lot of things. Here’s how they can use the Isle of Armor DLC to acquire the strong and competitive Pokemons. 

Max Raid Battles

Players who want to return and have already beaten the main campaign should now focus on forming a strong competitive team. One way of doing this is to join Max Raid Battles.

Every Pokemon caught inside four- and five-star Raids will have soaring base stats, also known as IVs. The IV of Pokemon will determine how high its stats can go.

To determine a Pokemon’s IV, players need to finish the main campaign and reach a Rank 4  category inside the Battle Tower. Once these conditions are met, the IV Checker feature will be unlocked in the Pokedex.

This feature will allow players to select any Pokemon and check its base stats. Players should go for a Pokemon with the “Best” stat to ensure success.

Ditto Den

The Isle of Armor DLC features a new area that only spawns the Pokemon Ditto. Players will need to go to the southeastern part of the Workout Sea to find the island infested with Ditto.

There is a Pokemon Den located in the heart of the island which only summons high-level Ditto that players can catch. However, why do these Dittos matter?

Ditto is an essential Pokemon for breeding. Instead of putting a male and female Pokemon inside the daycare, they can just substitute one for Ditto.

When players do this, they will get an egg that has a type matching its non-Ditto parent. Having a powerful Ditto is important since the parents can pass down their IV to their children.

New Gigantamax

Gigantamax and Dynamax are vital in a Pokemon Sword and Shield’s battle system. The release of Isle of Armor adds a new set of Pokemon which has the ability to Gigantamax.

In the Isle of Armor, Blastoise and Venusaur can now Gigantamax which will make them stronger in a Pokemon battle as well. However, players should be wary that the form will only last for a few turns.

Featured image courtesy of GameRant/YouTube Screenshot

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