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How to complete the new Storm The Agency challenges in ‘Fortnite’


To get all the sumptuous rewards, players will need to finish all the “Storm The Agency” challenges before Chapter 2 season 2 ends.

A few hours ago, Epic Games have released a new batch of Fortnite challenges which offers awesome rewards upon completion. Fortnite’s last update before the end of the season was launched last week which featured changes around the central Spy Base.

Data miners also discovered a secret event that seems to be the last challenge before the Doomsday event. Storm The Agency contains 5 challenges that will end the current season’s storyline. Unlike the Location Domination event which was difficult to accomplish, the recent event looks easier and simpler.

Storm The Agency challenges

Land The Agency

This is a really easy challenge that only requires players to land on or near The Agency. The challenge only needs to be completed once and will reward 40,000 EXP for doing it.

However, players need to remember that the area will be swarmed with enemies since everyone will be aiming to finish this challenge.

Survive storm circles

This challenge should not be too difficult since it is one of the main mechanics of the game.

The challenge requires players to survive through 10 storm circles. Joining Solo and Duos mode is recommended since these modes feature more storm circles compared to Team Rumble.

Open a faction locked chest at different Spy Bases

The phrase “faction locked chests” may sound unusual but the term simply points out to the locked ID chests which can be located inside Henchmen Safe Houses such as those in The Shark, The Rig, and The Agency.

Players will need to open five locked chests to finish this quest. Players need to disguises themselves as a henchman via the phone booth to be able to open the chests. Another way is to knock out a real henchman and carry them to the chest.

Swim over hatches at The Agency

Players who frequently pass by The Agency this season might have noticed strange structures under the water.

There are five underwater structures located around The Agency which resemble the shape of a star. This quest demands players to swim to each of them. The quest will only take a few minutes to complete.

Eliminate a henchman at different safe houses

Depending on where the circle spawns, this may be the most difficult quest among the rest. There are 5 various Safe Houses located on various parts of the Fortnite map.

Players must take note that kills that happen in Spy Bases are not counted for this quest. The quest asks players to kill three henchmen.

Storm The Agency safe houses are located close to Pleasant Park, Frenzy Farm, Holly Hedges, Craggy Cliffs, and Misty Meadows.

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