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How to complete Watch Missions in ‘League of Legends’ Summer Split


The League of Legends Summer Split is finally here. Players will need to complete watch missions to receive limited rewards in-game.

The beginning of the summer season means that the League of Legends Summer Split is here for another unforgettable clash. Even if the global pandemic has delayed several in-game events, the developer’s efforts have allowed professional teams to adapt to the current situation.

During the League of Legends Summer Split, placement can be determined directly on who will qualify for the World Championships happening in fall. There will be a lot at stake for all the participating teams, players, and of course, their fans.

In addition, watch mission objectives have been significantly made easier compared to last year’s event. This means it will be a lot simpler for fans to redeem limited rewards while watching their favorite teams fight for the gold.

Summer Split Watch Missions

There are only four watch missions announced for the Summer Split at present. However, fans can expect more rewards in the coming days.

    1. Attend 1 watch party on LoL eSports website – Claim 1 Hextech Key and 1 Hextech Chest
    2. Watch 5 watch party on LoL eSports website – Claim 1 Hextech Key and 1 Hextech Chest
    3. Attend 10 watch party on LoL eSports website – Claim “It Was Me!” emote
    4. Attend 15 watch party on LoL eSports website – Claim 1 Hextech Key and 1 Hextech Chest

These tasks can be monitored by logging in the game and visiting the mission tab or by checking in on the official website of LoL eSports.

How to complete Watch Missions

For players to get rewards, they must be watching the games through a link from LoL eSports. Watching from Twitch or Youtube will not register on their account as a completed mission.

They will also need to sign in their accounts in order to redeem their rewards. If they followed the steps correctly, they would be notified that their accounts are successfully set up.

After the confirmation, they can watch the games or even leave the tab running in the background and still get the rewards.


Every week, The LEC and LCS will have 10 matches where each professional team will compete twice. The LEC usually airs five matches per day on Fridays and Saturdays.

On the other hand, LCS will have two matches every Friday and is followed by four games every Saturday and Sunday. Since the League of Legends Summer Split will last for three months, busy fans will still be able to progressively finish the watch missions and earn all the rewards in time.

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